Today’s Time Waster: Literary Figure Collective Nouns

Imagine there were more than one of your favorite literary characters (or film characters, or video game characters, or whatever). Like clones, or something. What would you call the grouping of the multiple instances of that character? What would be their idiomatically correct collective noun? Give your examples in the comment thread.

To get you started, here’s some I’ve thought up.

A Hesitation of Hamlets
A Banter of Benedicts
A Dourness of Darias
A Honeypot of Poohs
A Returning of Terminators
A Smirking of Kirks
A Library of Belles
An Aside of Rosencrantzes
A Fussiness of Fraisers
An Embarrassment of Jar-Jars

Got it? You take it from here. Let’s see what you come up with.

288 Comments on “Today’s Time Waster: Literary Figure Collective Nouns”

  1. Notes and suggestions:

    1. Quality over quantity. Three (or even one) excellent, funny collective nouns are better than twenty half-assed ones.

    2. If someone else does a literary (or whatever) figure you wanted to collectivize, go ahead and do it, just do it differently.

    3. Don’t just go for the easy ones — do some nifty obscure or unexpected ones, too.

    4. This is a personal preference but: Don’t collectivize real people; that will inevitable lead to weird editorializing.

    5. As much as possible, avoid the sort of collective nouning that would otherwise get you Malleted for being racist, sexist, homphobic, etc, because a) it won’t be funny, and b) I’ll Mallet you. I don’t expect the vast majority of you will need this note.

    6. Comments that are not collective nouns run the risk of being deleted, since they will clutter up the thread.

    Okay then. Carry on.

  2. I think “a smirk of Kirks” would be preferable.

    A conspiracy of Vorkosigans

    A harangue of Sherlocks

    A calamity of (Harry) Dresdens

  3. The most popular collective noun book, An Exaltation of Larks, was written by James Lipton who is best known for his work on Inside the Actors Studio.

    I just did up a whole batch of answers that had more to do with geeky pursuits than literary figures. I must rethink and try again.

  4. To go with my earlier one:

    A Measurement of Lachesis(es)*

    A Cutting of Atropos(es)*

    A Destiny of Fates

    * I have no idea how one would pluralize these.

  5. A Murder of Dravens (, Eric)

    A Pear of Perrys (Perries?)

    A Spangle of Spenglers

    A Feast of Banquos

  6. An embassy of Retiefs

    A ring of Frodos (OK, that’s really low-hanging fruit)

    A bath (or a net) of Agamemnons (alternatively Agamemnontes)

    uldihaa: The correct Greek plurals would be Lacheses and Atropoi.

  7. A (drain)Clog of Marios
    A Barrel of Kongs
    A Chain of Links
    A Pie of Pac-People
    A Pyramid of QBerts
    A Shovel of DigDugs
    A Machina of Deities

  8. A Violence of Rambos

    A School of Enders

    A Jingle of Manxes

    An Obsession of Ahabs

    A Madness of Torrances

  9. A Tintinabulation of Tintins.

    Hey, I’m a big fan of those comics. The one with the yeti and the one with the opium smugglers in China–those were the best.

  10. A Vault of Banks (Iain M.)
    A Fist of Mercurys (Freddie) [this is a concert video reference, btw]
    An Interdimensional-Portal of Lovecrafts

  11. Ghaa. Missed number 4. Sorry, John. And I know I’m in violation of 6 with this one, but you can always mallet this.

  12. A battery of Batmans

    A gambit of Bonds

    A lexicon of Luthors

    A predominance of (Mr.) Bigs

    An anagram of Alucards

  13. A Cuddle of Cowthulhus. (Thank you, Munchkin: Cthulhu 2: the Call of Cowthulhu)

  14. Guys, remember that I suggested not using live people (who, if theoretically they saw your collective noun and were not pleased by it, might be offended)

  15. John, could you replace my post at 10:45 with the following correction?

    A Measurement of Lacheses*

    A Cutting of Atropoi*

    A Destiny of Fates

    *With thanks to DemetriosX for the correct way to pluralize Lachesis and Atropos

  16. A series of Skywalkers

    A singularity of Solos

    A skyhook of Landos

    A dearth of Vaders

  17. A Wander of Ishmaels.
    A Pshaw of Wolfes.
    A Ravage of Conans.
    An Argosy of van Rijns.
    A Moor of Heathcliffs.

  18. a heathen of Heathcliffs

    a gloaming of Gatsbies

    a madness of Kurtzes (Apocalypse Now)

    a surfeit of Kilgores (also Apocalypse Now, and a pun)

  19. A bridge of trolls
    A hatful of wizards
    A malady of magics (stolen from Craig Shaw Gardner)
    A burn of boasters
    A focus of lensmen
    A a kiln of Potters

  20. An indignancy of Jos (Little Women)
    A bankruptcy of Gatsbys
    A howl of Benjys (The Sound and the Fury)
    A pride of Darcys

  21. A family of Lazarus Longs
    A Card of Valentines
    A wandering of Odysseoi
    A whining of Lukes

  22. A disturbance of Jedi

    (because I just finally played ME2)
    A collection of Shepards

  23. An Honor of Harringtons
    A Bane of Shanas
    A Fur of Fuzzies
    A Wander of Dutchmen
    A Buckaroo of Banzais
    A Firefly of Malcoms

    I could go on, but …

  24. A Confusion of Thursday Nexts
    (In the books, more than one Thursday already exists, but I don’t believe there is a collective noun for them)

  25. A Subtlety of wizards
    A Conspiracy of politicians
    A Cell Block of politicians
    A Nonabio of cats
    A Convention of writers
    A Horde of fans

  26. Just to clarify (after a young family member expressed puzzlement), “a Largesse of Timons” refers to the title character in Shakespeare’s play, not the more recent cartoon iteration.

  27. A legacy of Lannisters

    A sternness of Starks

    A meddle of Martells

    An inundation of Greyjoys

    A stickiness of Littlefingers

    An undertone of Varyses

  28. A raft of Hucks
    A circling of Riddleys (Hoban, Riddley Walker)
    A rumpus of Maxes
    A whine of Mos (Here)

  29. A Game of Sherlocks
    A Meddling of Marples
    A Perfection of Poirots
    A Helping of Hastings

  30. A Preponderance of Penelope Pittstops

    Sorry. That one was stuck in my head and had to be exorcised.

    I blame Mr. Scalzi.

  31. A Deed of Paksenarrions
    A Gumshoe of Garretts
    A Mars of Podokaynes
    A Shadow of Shadiths

  32. A gratuity of Gatsbys

    A casuistry of Carraways

    A dither of Daisys

    A two-timitude of Toms

    A justification of Jordans

    A mortality of Myrtles

    A wipeout of Wilsons

  33. A Madness of Moby Dicks
    A Precious of Gollums
    A Pie tin of Tamoras
    A Romance of Romeos
    A Chain of (Jacob) Marleys
    A Murder of Annabell Lees

  34. A Hello of Inigo Montoyas
    A beaming of Scottys
    A cowabunga of Ninja Turtles (yes, I know there are four of them…just liked the sound of it)
    A precious of Golums

  35. An Oh My of Sulus
    A ……….. of ninjas (Good luck finding a group on ninjas or one for that matter)
    A Watching of Brothers (Big)

  36. A criminality of Corleones (from “The Godfather”)

    A ranting of [Howard] Beales (from “Network”)

    A dementia of [Norma] Desmonds (from “Sunset Boulevard”)

  37. A dearth of Ninjas (no, not “darth”, dearth! After all, you probably can’t see them)

  38. a scalzi of Redshirts (intentionally non-capitalized)

    a logical unit of Vulcans

    a meddle of Time Lords

    a stairway of Daleks

  39. A clutch of Cumberbatches. ( I know. Not a literary character. But I liked the alliteration)

  40. I am certain you mean a banter of Benedicks. Otherwise we’d presumably be talking about Benedict of Amber, who is one of the least bantery people ever. A victory of Benedicts I could see, though.

  41. A monster of Frankensteins
    You could add an apostrophe
    To convert to the singular

  42. John Mark, I think it would be Oedipodes. Not sure, but the correct plural of ‘octopus’ is ‘octopodes’, so I figure it might be parallel. Of course if DemetriosX weighs in I will bow to his greater knowledge.

    A Pride of Elizabeth (Bennet)s
    A Prejudice of Mr. Darcys

    A Sarcasm of Crichtons
    A Conniving of Rygels
    A Slither of Scorpiuses*

    A Brilliance of Carters
    A Wisdom of Jacksons
    An Overly-Elaborated and Excessively Wordy Pronouncement of Teal’cs

    *That is ONLY in reference to the character in Farscape. Note, the name is capitalized.

  43. A murder of Archers
    A girth of Gutman
    A sneak of Cairos
    A toolshed of Spades
    A lie of Wonderlies

  44. Apologies if I missed any of these when I read through comments.

    A damit of McCoys (Star Trek)
    An ethical dubiousness of McCoys (Law & Order)
    A deduction of Sherlocks
    A caffeination of Dallases (Her.)
    A crumbs of Penfolds (Danger Mouse)
    A teetotalism of Draculas

  45. @ Xopher/John Mark
    Yup, Oedipodes.

    A seven of Blakes (no matter how many there are)
    A sneer of Avons
    A cringe of Vilas
    A slink of Servalans
    A blink of Oracs

    Can’t think of anything for the rest of them. It’s been so long, I probably can’t even remember all the people.

  46. A Superiority of Sherlocks
    A Snigger of Snapes
    A Solemnity of Starks
    A Parliament of Pendragons

  47. A quarry of Mine Crafters
    A mystery(s) of Baldricks
    A baldrick of Mysteries (not a character but a situation)
    A LOT of Weasleys or would plural be Weaslies (there were a lot of them)
    Several miles of Vorkosigans

  48. A fist of Alices (the Dilbert female engineer)
    A snark of Dogberts
    A sneer of Catberts

    A Winterfair of Cordelias

    A blue of Tardises
    A who of Companions

  49. A nescience of Jon Snows
    An evirato of Theons
    A misbegotten of Joffreys
    A traipse of Daenerysi

  50. a Snide of Snapes
    a Spot of de Villes
    a Pi of Magnums
    a Reclusion of Radleys
    a Crush of Wils (I know, I know, #4 – but Wils works SO much better than Wesleys)

  51. Xopher, in all humbleness, I believe you have it backwards:

    A Pride of Darcys
    A Prejudice of Bennets

    Going on…
    A Marx of Karls
    A Foundation of Asimovs
    A Mallet of Scalzis (sorry, I couldn’t resist)

  52. A tomb of Starks
    A scheming of Lannisters
    A dearth of Vaders
    A vortex of Time Lords
    A fellowship of hobbits
    A tryst of Lancelots
    A sleigh of Hogfathers

  53. There is a collective noun for Hipsters, but you haven’t heard of it…

  54. A Summer of Buffys
    [if you read the comics, there’s already SO MANY Slayers…]

    and “An Orgy of Anitas” but only after book 10…

  55. A victory of Archies (Goodwin)
    A warren of Weasleys
    A riot of Rons (Weasley)
    A headful of Hermiones
    A glut of Goliases (Silverlock)
    A slurry of Silverlocks

  56. A journo of Gullivers.
    A modest of Swifts.
    A thrust of Elvises.
    A rap of Tupacs.
    A truck of Fords.
    An importance of Earnests.
    A prophecy of Pauls.

  57. An exasperation of McCoys (Dammit, Jim! I’m only a doctor!) and
    An avalanche of Tribbles

  58. A finality of Taltos
    A flight of Turtles
    A tumble of D’Alembert’s
    An exposition of Harrington’s

  59. [Deleted because remember what I said about not using real people, especially ones that have political implications? Yeah, that. — JS]

  60. An Unsurviability of Dread Pirate Roberts.
    A Strongness of Fezziks.
    A Miracle of Maxs.
    A Beauty of Buttercups.

    An Improbability of Baron von Munchausens.
    A Trusting of King Arthurs.
    A Twisting of Mordreds.
    A Gallant of Lancelots.

    A Library of Hermiones.

    A Pride of Aslans.
    A Courage of Reepicheeps.

  61. A dusting of Buffys

    A chain of Taltoses
    A snark of Loioshes
    A movement of Cawtis
    An eternity of Sethras…

  62. An Arc of Starks
    A Xyst of Xenas
    A Stake of Slayers
    A Disaster of Dresdens
    A Pulse of Pikachus

  63. Ooh! A courtesy of Jeeveses.

    A determination of Vimeses
    A steeliness of Sybils
    An earnestness of Carrots

  64. A (Brute) Squad of Fezziks

    Since I already see several Incarnations, I’ll just go for two of them:
    A Pair-adox of Chronos (never appearing in groups of three or more.)
    A Murder of Thanatos

    I have a good one for Nathan Fillion, but I’ll refrain from posting it due to rule 4.

  65. This is fun!

    A bottle of Haddocks (of the Captain variety)

    A slaughter of Jokers

    A mouthful of Lecters

    A vengeance of Nemos

  66. A post of Starkadders
    An apophthegm of Bacons
    A Controversy of Shakespeares
    An ethernet of cables
    A carriage wit of Sir Percys
    An elusiveness of Pimpernels
    A Pimpernel of Orczys
    A pungency of herbals
    A favrile of Tiffanys
    A Kelmscott of Morrises
    An ellipsis of Caens
    A misery of Chekovs (the author, not the character)
    A wit of Zelaznys
    A delicate wit of Austens
    A haughtiness of Nureyevs
    A tree of nutcrackers
    A habibi of raqs sharkis
    A confusion of Bourbakis
    A nightingale of battlefield nurses
    A Milk of gay rights activists
    A Castro of lesbians
    A Mission of gays
    An adventure of Asa Johnsons
    A crack’d mirror of Shalotts
    A teacup of Trelawneys
    A Nampara of Poldarks
    A storm of scavengers
    A mothering of Mollys (Weasleys)

    I’ll stop now…

  67. A Raven of Poes (real person, but long deceased…)

    An unbelievability of R.O.U.S.s

  68. A Loneliness of Rangers (with apologies to bekabot).

    A Vorga -OR- Vengeance of (Gully) Foyles. edit: ah! not the first! Good one, gottacook! I just finished rereading the book last night; probably my fiftieth reread…

    A Failure of Rustys (Venture Bros.); could work for almost any character in the show.

  69. An Existentialism of Elrics
    A Battle of Brandoch Dahas (The Worm Ouroborus)
    A Murder of Vlads (Taltos)

  70. I got stuck on Discworld, for some reason:

    A smirk of Oggs
    A run of Rincewinds
    A glare of Weatherwaxes
    A calamity of Luggages
    A SQUEAK of Deaths Of Rats
    A worldliness of Vimeses
    A muddle of Magrats
    A pustule of Nobbses
    A flounder of Colons
    A surprise of Lu-Tzes
    A duty of Deaths
    An anger of Susan Sto Helits

    I’ll stop now…

  71. A multi-dimmensional array of Rand Al’Thor’s. The multiple dimensions is to house his past lives.

    A plethora of pointers to Forsaken
    Linked List of Dark Ones
    XML Schema of the One Power
    A database of the Wheel of Time
    A web service connecting the multiverses

    — noncompilable, pseudo-code below.

    myRand String [50]
    myRandArray myRand
    RandsPastLives myRandArray

    Rather disappointed in the level of nerd hood here. you guys play at being nerds,but only techies are true nerds. The rest of you are wannabes. Learn how to code people.

  72. Some Deryni ones:

    A rule of Kelsons
    A magic of Morgans
    A devotion of Duncans
    A secret of Arilans
    A canon of Cambers
    A tyrant of Festils
    An incompetence of Imres

  73. …only techies are true nerds. … Learn how to code people.

    Well, now, what area of techiness and coding do you refer to?

    A box-Shadow of Corwins
    A blue-screen of Deaths
    A network of Baker Street irregulars
    A Byte of Draculas
    A 404 of Edwin Droods

  74. A tempest of Timelords.
    A gravefull of redshirts.
    A resurrection of Cylons
    A flight of Targaryens.

  75. A frigate of O’Brians
    A monolith of Clarks
    A foundation of Asimovs
    An eternity of Longs
    A dark and stormy night, but not too dark, because of the lightning, but not too stormy, because it was a bit in the distance, of Bulwer-Lyttons

  76. Re: Sparkle of Edwards, I prefer a slaughter of Edwards and seduction of Louis’…or even an annoyance of Lestats, for that matter.

  77. A deduction of Sherlocks
    A hassle of Holmeses
    A murder of Marples
    A vertigo of Vorkosigans
    A smorgasbord of Wolfes
    A jihad of Muad’Dibs
    A platitude of Poloniuses (Polononiae?)

  78. A Deduction of Holmses

    (surprised that one didn’t occur before)

    It really ought to be: A Hammloading of Kirks

  79. demtriosx:

    More Blake’s 7:

    A sorry of Slaves
    An eyepatch of Travises
    A strong of Gans

    That’s all I can think of.

  80. A bravado of Mercutios
    A melee of d’Artagnans
    A shopping bag of rebellious Vor
    A Swallow of Walkers
    An Amazon of Blacketts

  81. A befuddlement of Bluths
    A fracas of Fünkes
    A lubriciousness of Lucilles (or loose seals)
    A bauble of Bob Loblaws
    A blob of Bob Loblaw’s law blogs

  82. A tempest of Prosperos
    A humble of Heeps
    A layon of Macduffs
    A treachery of Wormtongues
    An expectation of Pips
    An honor of Prizzis

  83. (More Pterry:)
    A city of Vetinaris
    A bundle of Moists

    (Some Jacqueline Carey:)
    A bedroom of Phedres
    A sulking of Jocelins

    A pack of Gaus
    A (bench)press of Sabins
    An invention of Edgars
    A rune of Celeses
    A summons of Terras
    A picking of Lockes
    A bowl of Umaros
    A kupo of Mogs
    A toss of Shadows
    A thou of Cyans
    A roll of Setzers
    A gallery of Relms
    A library of Stragos
    A mimicry of Gogos

  84. A jackpot of dinAlts
    An angle of diGrizes
        – both by same author
    A harumph of Harshaws
    A reel of Rhyslings

  85. Just one more, I could not resist
    A conniving of Black Adders
    (to go with my post about Baldricks)

  86. A Worry of Cherryh’s
    A Nin of anais’
    A Doom of Aunt Ada’s
    A Gloom of Starkadders

  87. Some more Tolkien-related ones:
    A brilliance of Fëanors
    A wisdom of Elronds
    A bravery of Glorfindels
    A despair of Túrins
    A faithfulness of Finrods
    A majesty of Valar
    A compassion of Frodos
    A deceitfulness of Sauron
    A patience of Ents

    And a couple relating to Year of the Griffin
    An incompetence of Wermachts
    An inventiveness of Derks

  88. Alex@July 29, 2013 at 2:40 pm:

    Personally I would have suggested “An opera of Celeses” but to each their own.

    A bwa-ha-ha of Kefkas.

    A Lifestream of Aerises.

    An Aerie of Arryns.

  89. A Dream of Sandmen
    A Nose of Cyranos
    An Escape of Platypi
    A Gravity of Newtons
    A Waterfall of Eschers

  90. A trench of Peabodies (or Emmersons)
    A bar of Callahans
    A science of GLaDOS

  91. A Xenocide of Enders

    An Ejaculate of Mickey Sabbaths

    A Mirror of Molly Millionses.

    A Camp of Adam West Batmans

    An Angst of Holdens

    A Tattoo of Lisbeths

    A Refrigerator of Gwen Stacys

  92. An irony of Austen’s.

    And along the same vein:

    A meddle of Emmas
    A curiosity of Catherines (Northanger Abbey)
    A rationality of Elinors
    An emotion of Mariannes
    A wit of Elizabeths
    A dance of Lydias
    A sacrifice of Charlottes
    A wisdom of Annes (persuasion)
    A duplicity of Isabellas
    A virtue of Fannys (Mansfield Park)

    Switching genres:
    An intrigue of Irenes
    A violence of Violets (Copper Beeches / Solitary Cyclist )
    A hysteria of Helens (Speckled Band)
    A hospitality of Hudsons
    A regret of Rachels (Musgrave Ritual)
    A faith of Annies (Adventure of the Naval Treaty)
    An escape of Elsies (Adventure of the Dancing Men)
    A torment of Marys (Adventure of Abbey Grange)

  93. An Outbreak of Houdinis
    I know he was a real person, But I really liked that one.
    An Extermination of Daleks
    An Acquisition of Roarkes
    An Explosion of Mavis Freestones
    A Babble of Bellaramas (also Freestone)
    A Sourness of Somersets
    A Persistence of Peabodys
    A Laziness of Galahads (the cat)

    And props to whoever it was that did a Caffenation of Dallases

  94. @sophielandone

    A shopping bag of rebellious Vor

    I believe you mean “A shopping bag of people who piss off rebellious Vors”…

  95. A Mob of Montags (Fahrenheit 451)

    Lobby of Lolas (Lola Bunny)

    Mosh of Mulders (X-files)

  96. A Lust of Flashmans


    An Embellishment of Flashmans


    A Flight of Flashmans

  97. An Insomnia of Macbeths
    A Momentum of Miles (Vorkosigan)
    An Interminability of Paarfis

  98. A forest of Malcolms, a bloom of Leopolds, a flock of Finches, and a snowing of Golightlies.

  99. an underestimation of Norvilles
    a goodness of Gundersons
    a rugful of Dudes

  100. I already did an Apparation of Potters, here are some more

    A Wand of Hermiones
    A Chess of Rons
    A Beard of Dumbledores
    A Horror of Hagrids
    A Snake of Snapes
    A Dearth of Dudleys

  101. A spike of Shrikes
    A wallet of Kanes
    A lamp of Tinkerbells
    A biddy of Baby Janes

  102. Some Les Miserables:

    A barricade of Enjolras
    A sacrifice of Eponines
    A penalty of Javerts
    A corruption of Thenardiers

    I like the flexibility of an embarrassment of Jar-Jars: it applies equally to the individual and the plural.

  103. Steve L@July 29, 2013 at 3:48 pm

    I’ll take the opera of Celeses. How about a cackle of Kefkas?

  104. A swoon of Romance heroines

    A balance of Liadens

    A swashbuckling of pirates

    A sanguinariness of vampires

    A howl of werewolves

  105. An Imagination of Calvins (and Hobbes-es)
    An Oblique of Belisarii (if that is the proper plural of Belisarius!)
    A Mutter of Valentinians
    An enormity of Hradani/ A stubborn of Hradani (couldn’t decide which worked best)

  106. Some from Marvel comics

    A Patriotism of Captains America
    An Argument of Avengers
    A Clatter of Iron Man armours
    A Tantrum of Hulks
    A terror of Black Widows (one of Natasha Romanov is scary enough – can you imagine the effect of more than one of her?)
    A banquet of Asgardians (this is a variable noun, as Volstagg of the Warriors Three is probably quite capable of being a banquet all by himself)
    An angst (single collective unit) of mutants – more than one of these becomes an angstrom and causes meltdowns in the space-time continuum and the boundaries of reality (any given Marvel continuity contains at least six angstrom of mutants, and more are found every week, hence the rather wobbly canon).

    One from the books…

    A Cold Comfort of Starkadders

    And from the video games…

    A bishie of Final Fantasy heroes
    A kupo of moogles
    A wark! of chocobos

  107. As soon as I saw this I knew I had to do His Grace the Duke of Ankh, Commander Sir Samuel Vimes, but it’s taken me a while to think of one. And, thank goodness, it’s not been taken.

    A vengeance of Vimes.


  108. A gourmet of bytes.
    A selection of nibbles (half a byte).
    Death by a thousand bit slices.

    A park full of log tables. (math).

  109. A Flaw of Li Kaos
    A Burden of Number Ten Oxes
    A Jewel of Jade Pearls
    A Terror of Key Rabbits

  110. A coward of Yossarians
    A disappearance of Dunbars
    A secret of Snowdens
    A crab-apple of Orrs
    A redundancy of Major Major Major Majors

  111. a Lateness of White Rabbits
    a Beheading of Queens of Hearts
    a Madness of Hatters
    a Crutch of Tims (tiny)

  112. An Obsession of Ahabs
    A Cool of Zaphods
    A Collapse of Marvins
    An Overcast of Eeyores
    An Exageration of Munchausens
    A Swashbuckling of D’Artagnans
    A Feast of Hobbits
    A Stumbling of Rincewinds

  113. SFNal:
    * An assembly of Susan Calvins
    * A talent of Xanthians

    * An excess of Falstaffs
    * A muddle of Dogberrys
    * A recitation of Holofernes
    * An insinuation of Iagos
    * Moor Aarons

    * A spongregation of coonerisms
    * A dusting of allergens

  114. My humble additions:

    A Flight of Gandalfs
    A Faith of Sams (Gamgees, that is)
    A Friendship of Sams
    A Humble of Hobbits
    A Sting of Bilbos
    A Desolation of Smaugs
    A Finger of Frodos
    A Ring of Wraiths
    A Darkness of Saurons
    A Breaking of Boromirs
    A Downfall of Boromirs

    And a little rule-bending:
    A Bilbo of Nemoys

  115. A couple more:

    A Scout of Supermen
    A Brooding of Batmen
    (alternately: A Colony of Batmen)

    A Sephiroth of Sephiroths

    A Distress of Zeldas (all the good Link ones were taken)
    A Sty of Ganondorfs

  116. Oooooh fun!

    a smash of Hulks
    an equation of Meg Murrys
    a contradiction of Hellboys
    a rebellion of Katnisses
    a scheming of Artemis Fowls
    a mischief of Anansis

  117. A Murder of Starks
    A Debt of Lannisters
    A Madness of Targaryans
    A Reap of Greyjoys

    A Dusting of Buffys
    A Soul of Angels

  118. A monologue of Sheridans

    A host of Ivanovas (just 1 nearly qualifies)

    A Kosh of Koshes

    A constellation of

    A boom of Rainbow Dashes, or perhaps a race.

    A paint-drying of Pinkie Pies

    A recurrence of Lunas or Nightmare Moons.

    A boast of Trixies

  119. umm, that was A constellation of (any Greek mythological figure) but I used angle brackets so it disappeared.

  120. Still unclaimed in these parts:

    A run of Logans    (WFN)
    A drift of Pooles    (ACC)
    A armful of O’Kelly-Davises   
    An ARMful of Hamiltons    (LVCN)

  121. A switchblade of Bun-Buns.
    An unpronounceable of XKCDs.
    A strange loop of Hofstadters. (Douglas, not Leonard.)
    A fascination of Spocks.
    A Sheldon of Sheldons.

  122. A Bag of Bagginses
    A Perfect of Poppins (Mary)
    A foot of Cinderellas
    A boop of Fairy Godmothers (or a bobbity)
    A carpet of Aladdins
    A clap of Thundercats

  123. (from my ballet hobby, since everything else has been mined!)

    A Theft of Firebirds

    A Weep of Giselles

    and of course,

    A Party of Claras

  124. A Snot of Otolaryngologists

    A Trend of Epidemiologists

    A Crack of Chiropractors

    A Smear of Gynecologists

    A Callous of Podiatrists

    A Cell of Hematologists

    A Sequitur of Ethicists

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