Queenie Needs a New Home

UPDATE, 7pm: New home found!

Queenie is my mother-in-law’s cat, and my mother-in-law is moving to an apartment which unfortunately does not allow pets. So we are hoping to relocate Queenie to a new, loving home. She is an indoor cat between one and two years old, small (about eight pounds) active but not hyper, loving and even-tempered. She is up to date with all her shots and has no medical issues. She’s a total sweetheart, basically.

She’s free to a good home, although you’ll need to come and get her, so if you live within 50 miles of Bradford, Ohio, that would probably be best. If you’re interested, send me an e-mail. We’re hoping to have her relocated this week.

(Since someone will ask: If we can’t find takers, we will add her to our menagerie. She’s in no danger of being abandoned. But we already have three cats and a dog. We’d prefer not to add another pet. Save us!)

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