I Call This “Four Views of the Same Man in Need of a Haircut”

Four different looks, all of which scream: Time for a trim. Yes, well.

Update, 3pm: And now, after the haircut:

What a wholesome young man! You would totally buy a life insurance policy from him!

Reminder: Vote for Hugos by Midnight, Central Time

If you were planning to vote for the Hugos this year, today’s the day: The deadline for getting your Hugo ballot in is 11:59pm Central time. Here’s all the information, plus a link to the actual ballot. I suggest voting sooner rather than later, since there’s nothing worse than a last minute rush for the online ballot and the servers getting jammed up. Then they have to sacrifice a Campbell nominee to the angry server gods. Don’t do that to the Campbell nominees, folks. They’re good people.

If you meant to vote but still have not gotten your membership, dude. Get on that. Here’s the page with the membership info. Better hurry.