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For Those of You Who Were Waiting For Me to Say Something About Anthony Weiner and/or Bob Filner

It’s simple: They’re both idiots. Weiner needs to quit his mayoral race; Filner needs to resign his mayoral position. I suspect some people might have thought I wasn’t commenting on them here because they are both Democrats. But, guys, come on. One, I’m not a Democrat, as I have to remind people ad infinitum. Two, […]

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The Big Idea: Jason M. Hough

We steadily march into the future — but is the march actually as steady as it looks, or even as steady as we wish it were? It’s a thought Jason M. Hough has considered, particularly in relation to his “Dire Earth” series, of which The Darwin Elevator is the first installment. He’s here to give […]

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Welcome to August, Worldcon Notes, Etc

I took a semi-hiatus in July in order to get a substantial start on the next novel, and the plan worked pretty well: I’m seven chapters into Lock In (which is the current name of the novel) and I’m pretty pleased with the progress so far. So, go me. August should see Whatever resuming a […]

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