Welcome to August, Worldcon Notes, Etc

I took a semi-hiatus in July in order to get a substantial start on the next novel, and the plan worked pretty well: I’m seven chapters into Lock In (which is the current name of the novel) and I’m pretty pleased with the progress so far. So, go me.

August should see Whatever resuming a more or less normal schedule, with the caveat that I usually write on the novel in the mornings, so unless I’ve written something up in advance and scheduled it for the morning, or am just writing up something very short, I may not be updating Whatever until the afternoon. You have the rest of the Internet out there; you should be fine.

LoneStarCon 3, this year’s Worldcon, is at the end of the month, and a number of you have asked me whether I will be attending, as I am not on the convention’s list of featured attendees. The answer is yes, I will be there, although with the exception of a reading and a kaffeklatch on Sunday of Worldcon, I won’t be doing programming. The reason for this is simple: I’m really really burnt out and the idea of doing panels right now makes me want to kill things with fire. What I want to do with my Worldcon is relax, see friends and spend time with them, and maybe win a Hugo if the voters have decided that’s what I should do.

So that’s the plan. Which is not to say that if you see me at Worldcon you shouldn’t come up and say or hello, or that I won’t sign a book for you or whatever (I don’t have any official signing time set yet, before you ask; I’ll note here if one opens up). But do know that I intend to be mostly off the clock for the Worldcon and enjoying it primarily as a fan. I’ve never done that at a Worldcon before. It might be fun to do.

As a related piece of information, Krissy has warned me that if anyone at LoneStarCon 3 tries to talk to me about past or current SFWA business, she will punch them hard in the throat. It’s Texas, throat-punching is allowed. I heartily endorse this plan of action because, remember, I will be off the clock, and will look askance at people attempting to put me back on it. So, don’t. I and your trachea thank you in advance.

Anyway: August. Here we are. Here we go.

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  1. To answer the question that someone will inevitably ask: I have no clue as to whether Redshirts will win the Hugo or not this year. I think it’s reasonably well-positioned, as it sold very well, is popular, and has won a couple of significant pre-Hugo awards. However, it would be stupid to discount the popularity of previous multiple Hugo best novel winners like Bujold and Robinson (the latter of whom also won this year’s Nebula, and deservedly so); Seanan’s on the ballot a ridiculously awesome five times, and Saladin’s novel is simply fantastic.

    So: Got me. There’s no one here I would be pissed to lose to, so it’s all good.

    That said, I would be really happy to win. I think Redshirts is deserving, I think it would be lovely for a humorous novel to win, and, you know. Rockets look nice on my shelf.

    This is, incidentally, not your cue to give me a reasoned analysis of why I won’t win. Trust me, I’ve thought about this more than you have. You also don’t need to assure me, alternately, that I will win. At this point, the best thing for me to do is not to think about it until someone walks up to the Hugo lectern to give the award away.

  2. I’d say after being SWFA President for two years, you deserve an easy Worldcon this year. Enjoy, get out on the Riverwalk, and maybe even attend some items you’re not on.

  3. As an Austin resident and Worldcon attendee, I feel it’s my duty to notify you and Krissy that throat-punching is not, in fact, legal in Texas.

    But bring a gun and you can shoot someone with pretty much no repercussions.

  4. I look forward to going down for a day or two, seeing lots of friends I rarely see, and generally being a fanboy — I hope of the nonobnoxious variety, as I have no desire to get punched in the throat or elsewhere.

    Since I so often have to work at conventions, it’ll be nice to be at one where I can just relax.

  5. Seems like it will be a nice change of pace to have a relaxing convention – I hope you enjoy it!

    Now, I may have missed an announcement somewhere along the line, but I am curious – is this next novel in the OMW universe? I seem to remember an announcement that Tor optioned a sequel to The Human Division, which I am eagerly looking forward to (of course, a new standalone novel would be equally welcome).

  6. curious who would be an example of someone you would be pissed to lose too?

    Anyway, I have been to various scifi cons but my focus was mostly the vendor room for toys and various odds and ends plus I suffered through getting one or two autographs of a tv/movie star.

    I have never been to a worldcon or any type of book con. I am not sure what it would provide? Sitting around listening to authors blabber about things seems extremely boring, not something I have even endured with tv/movie stars. Are there vendor rooms? Do they sell more than just books? What is there to do there?

  7. I second Jim C.’s question–have you posted anything about Lock In yet beyond the title?

  8. For those of you who are attending Worldcon in San Antonio, I’d like to make a few recommendations.

    First, buy a multi-day Water Taxi pass. They are relatively cheap ($25 for 3-day unlimited rides pass) and will allow you to easily go up and down the Riverwalk next to the convention center and hotels. There are lots of good restaurants and places of interest on or near the riverwalk. A water taxi pass will save you a fair amount of walking in the Texas heat. Any of the taxis will sell you a one-day or three-day pass.

    Second, there are lots of interesting cultural and fun things to do in San Antonio. This LSC3 webpage has good information, maps, and links: http://www.lonestarcon3.org/san-antonio/index.shtml

    Third, if you aren’t accustomed to high heat and high humidity, please make sure you carry a bottle of water with you and wear a hat when outside. The Riverwalk has lots of shady areas, including plenty of air conditioned restaurants and stores. However, it never hurts to be prepared.

  9. Cool, was hoping that if I saw you there I could introduce myself purely as a fan and maybe find some shit to shoot.

    NOTE: The commenter, though Texas, will not be in possession of any firearms for said shit-shooting. Purely metaphoric.

  10. Now that you are back, did you ever declare a winner to the Daisy/Zeus caption contest? I have no reason to think my entry was particularly clever — and I don’t even remember what the prize was — but I have a unexplained and disproportionate need for closure on that.

  11. YouNeverKnow

    “I have never been to a worldcon or any type of book con. I am not sure what it would provide? Sitting around listening to authors blabber about things seems extremely boring, not something I have even endured with tv/movie stars. Are there vendor rooms? Do they sell more than just books? What is there to do there?”

    You might want to check the LoneStarCon 3 Website as a start: lonestarcon3.org

    The focus of the Worldcon is Program; not just panels, but readings, demonstrations, workshops, solo talks, concerts, dances, film festival movies…all kinds of activities.

    There’s a large Dealers room, mostly with books but you’ll find jewelry, T-shirts, DVDs, art…There’s also an Art Show, print shop and many exhibits.

    For big events, there will be the Masquerade and Hugo Award Ceremonies.

    If you think you might be interested, but you’re not 100% sure, buy a day pass on Thursday or Friday. If you like it, you can always come back.

    Laurie Mann
    LoneStarCon 3 Press Office

  12. It will, of course, be lovely to see you in my home state again. I’ll be sure to say “Hi” at some point, I’m sure!

  13. As I remember, Neil Gaiman showed up at Readercon a few years ago as “Mr. Amanda F. Palmer” and didn’t get bothered.

    Perhaps a similar incognito might help?

    Have fun.

  14. Laurie is, I fear, underselling it a bit. I’m helping with programming, and I can tell you, there’s nothing like a Texas WorldCon. Nothing.

    On Thursday, as part of our “Taste of Texas” theme, we’ll be killing and roasting a baby Apatasaurus, courtesy of Monsanto. This will be done “Pit style” in the tradition of classic Texas barbecue.

    On Friday, it’s “Space Cowboy” day, and WorldCon is pleased to be offering moonshots aboard Richard Garriet’s private shuttle. Spaces are limited, but Richard assures us we’ll be able to send at least three full shuttle’s worth of people into orbit for ten minutes! Bonus game: everyone on board will be playing “Count the Satellites Bingo” and whoever comes closest will win an actual moon rock from Richard’s collection!

    Saturday is Biohazard Day, and as a special treat, we’ll be teaching zombie killing tactics in children’s programming, and the Texas State Legislature has generously volunteered to lend their time and talent to this wonderful all ages event. Children will get to practice their double tap and their head smash with real weapons! Don’t worry, though: you can’t hurt the Texas State Legislature. They don’t have any brains to destroy in the first place.

    On Sunday, the local Friends of Lovecraft Society will be performing their annual historic recreation of the 1928 Innsmouth Raid on the main stage of the Riverwalk. “We’re very excited to finally have green water to climb out of this year,” said spokesperson Stacy Lindsner about the event. “Also, after what happened last year, we will be blowing up the dock, but only using about half as much dynamite.” Good to know, Stacy. Everyone, bring your ear plugs!

    So you see, you really do get what you pay for. WorldCon. This ain’t like no other thing.

    Mark Finn
    Team Programming
    Lone Star Con 3

  15. I do need to shoot some shit, but to do that I need to get off my rear and send my Mamiya to be repaired; every one of my lenses has a sticky shutter. Possibly because they haven’t been serviced in almost forty years.

  16. Is this “throat punching” thing a standard perk given to former SFWA presidents? Or is it a special treat just for you? I mean, if I ask Norman Spinrod about his SFWA presidency, would he then precede to punch me in the throat? Should I get some throat armor anyway?

  17. Just checking to make sure that someone warned Krissy not to punch anybody in the throat. However much I sympathize with her sentiment, that’s still not legal. Packing heat is legal, however, and for your safety keep recent politics in mind.

    I believe a woman tossing a glass of water in someone’s face is still legal, but I’m not a lawyer, so double check this.

    Hope to see you there–I rise from the dead and return to conventions…

  18. J-

    I hope to see you here in SA at the Con, time permitting. If you run into fellow partners in crime and horror writers Joe McKinney and Sanford Allen, please say Hi. One if not both are on panels this year, if I am not mistaken.

    Have a safe trip.

    B. D. Allen

  19. Looking forward to seeing Krissy again! Should she decide to bring her husband along, I’m sure that would be lovely too. ;)