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The Fatberg Saga, By John Scalzi and Paul Sabourin

It goes a little something like this. ZOMG A FATBERG: http://t.co/NiOqvXIQ8C — John Scalzi (@scalzi) August 6, 2013 @scalzi [P] QUICK SOMEBODY CALL SYFY! — Paul and Storm (@paulandstorm) August 6, 2013 @scalzi [P] I have already outlined FATBERG VS. MEGASEWAGEOPUS, Eric Roberts and Carol Alt to play leads; we start filming on Friday. — […]

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The Big Idea: Jim C. Hines

Codex Born, the latest book in Jim C. Hines’ “Magic Ex Libris”series, is out today. See the cover? Nice, right? Well, Jim wants to talk to you about it. Or more specifically, about the character on it — and what she means to the book, and to the fantasy genre, and for other things as well. […]

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