This Whole Last Week of Whatever, Encapsulated in a Single Meme

Yup, that about sums it up. Have a good Friday, everybody.

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  1. But, but, but … what about those people whose idea of fun is to be gatekeeping nerds? What about them, huh?

  2. Yeah, they can gatekeep the people they don’t think are worthy of gatekeeping. Don’t miss the Gatekeeper Gatekeeping Grand Championship in Ballroom C on Sunday night right before the closing ceremony!

  3. @Bearpaw

    I think we need an iOS game for those folks. Let them gatekeep some simulated fans and keep them from hassling the rest of the world. Time for a KickStarter I think :)

  4. Oh wow, I *so* needed this the other day! Hugo-award-winning artist Bob Eggleton mentioned on Facebook how much he liked “Oblivion”, and some dude went OFF on it not being “valid” science fiction. Oh, I did deliver a snarky response that Bob and others clicked “like” on, but I love this meme so much more. Definitely bookmarking for future use!

  5. I apologize for my earlier comment. i had visions of playing scenes from that movie while some guy ranted at the screen. took me just long enough to get on the highway to realize that given the roots of the problem that it wasn’t the least humorous and that most folks would envision something quite different

  6. I agree. This encapsulates every significant thing on the Intraweebs this week.

  7. @ Shirley: By ‘Oblivion’, do you mean the fourth game in the ‘Elder Scrolls’ series by Bethesda Softworks, that in no way even pretends to be sci-fi?

  8. I’ll melt the butter. I could use a good circus after this week. Send in the clowns gatekeepers.

  9. Thanks to the gatekeepers, the comments by Todd McFarlane, Gerry Conway & Len Wein about how comics are just too dudely for women and other assorted face-palmery, Mark Millar’s utter cluelessness about rape tropes and harm… Yeah. It’s been a CRAPTACULAR week. Thanks for this, John. The laugh was sorely needed.

  10. @shegorath I’m pretty sure she meant the movie that came out earlier this year. And had nothing to do with the game.

  11. There’s already a classic metaphor for this kind of a gatekeeper, and that’s a troll under a bridge.

  12. @Dave Crisp, who said they were surprised? I’ve often found “oh, you were surprised?!” statements like yours actually serve to gatekeep. It’s projecting: professing surprise at a surprise that was never expressed in the first place in order to assert a kind of superiority based on cynicism. In this case, cynicism functions as a way to reinforce the dominant paradigm towards others who explicate that paradigm; it’s Cypher vs Neo vis a vis the Matrix — a way to eat digital steak and digital women within an institution of oppression.

  13. Brian Brown’s link was excellent — although the writer mentioned the huff, there was no mention of the flounce. A good flounce adds so much to a huff.

  14. Sometimes it’s good to be unaware of these kerfuffles. I have no idea what people are upset about!

  15. From the time I was a little girl, I never could understand why some people just had to try and run other people’s lives. Why couldn’t they just leave other people alone to get on with whatever they wanted to do? 50 some years later, I still can’t really understand it, although I’ve seen it a lot, from people who thought I was too gentle in training my dogs, to people who thought I was crazy to become an archaeologist, to people who thought it was weird that I liked comic books, science fiction, manga, anime, etc. So this last week was great. Thanks.

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