Interview in the Dayton Daily News

I got my start as a pro writer working for newspapers, which means that I totally jazzed about the fact that today my local paper, the Dayton Daily News, devoted a whole page to me rambling on about science fiction, technology, the future, and why ill-advised selfies are destined ultimately not to matter (one day. You’re still not off the hook, Anthony Weiner).

The interview isn’t online, so far as I can tell, so if you want to read it, you should a) be in the Dayton area, b) be a subscriber to the DDN or c) go out and get a copy today. If c), I’ll say it’s an interesting interview which will be worth your time and $2 for the paper. Honest. Well, all the coupons in the Sunday paper make it worth the $2.  I’m bonus content.

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