Sunset, 8/15/13

Because it’s been a while, no?

Lots of crepuscular lighting in this one.

By John Scalzi

I enjoy pie.

14 replies on “Sunset, 8/15/13”

Yes, it has been a while since you shared a sunset.
This one is especially appreciated.
It’s pouring down rain here and shopping chores still force us to go out on a dreadful day.
Thanks for brightening our dull day..
And is there a better reason for sharing a sunset?

John: beautiful picture! I love pics like that.

@henry: I think he’s right. Crepuscular means having to do with twilight, which fits. Also there is a phenom known as crepuscular rays, which is light streaming through gaps in clouds or other objects, and that fits too.

This is gorgeous. I’m a spinner (on a spinning wheel, not a stationary bicycle), and I’ve saved the photo to my “ideas” file to use as the basis for a future color combination (colorway).

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