Here, Have a Spontaneous Podcast

I asked people on Twitter for questions that I would answer on a podcast today. Here is that podcast. I discuss cyber security, Nutella, harassment, socks and many other very important topics. It’s 33 minutes long. Enjoy!

(or if you prefer, a direct link to the file)

22 Comments on “Here, Have a Spontaneous Podcast”

  1. I used to like Nutella, but then I made the mistake of reading the ingredients, and discovered that it’s basically margarine.

    I like margarine, but I spread like a thin layer of margarine on a piece of toast. I do not slather it on like I would peanut butter, which is what Nutella calls for. And I just can’t eat that much margarine at a go.

  2. It’s good that you point out the big problem with a privacy amendment to the Constitution affecting the abortion debate. In Florida we had exactly that situation happen when an amendment to the state constitution guaranteed the right of privacy, and it has mostly been used to strengthen abortion rights. Much wailing and gnashing of teeth by right-wingers–the same ones who are now screaming bloody murder about Obama reading their e-mails (although curiously, they didn’t seem to have a problem with Bush reading e-mails. Huh.). They have seriously been trying to convince the populace that pregnant women should not have an expectation of privacy. They have started to succeed on that with pregnant teenagers.

  3. I follow you on Twitter because you’re funny and smart. You amuse me. Something tells me your novels aren’t extremely long tweets. One day I might try one though. In the meantime, thanks for the merriment and insightful discourse.

  4. Something I had never heard of before I moved to the Bay Area from Ohio: Chocolate Coconut Water. Same basic deliciousness as chocolate milk, but none of the syrupiness or fat!

  5. Gotta say I’m right there with you on the brontosaurus. The best-loved dinosaur that never was.

    I’m told something also happened to the triceratops family, wherein what was once believed to be two separate species turned out to just be a juvenile and an adult of the same species.

    So basically I think there’s a cabal of scientists somewhere that just has it in for Land Before Time.

  6. So basically I think there’s a cabal of scientists somewhere that just has it in for Land Before Time.

    Alas, you have discovered our evil plan. Please don’t tell anyone.

    The Society of Scientists who were Traumatized by Littlefoot’s Mother Dying and Have Since Dedicated Their Lives to Undermining Land Before Time


    Will there be a massive celebration or are you going to hold off three years until the Whatever is old enough to vote?

    (And why don’t I remember the massive celebration for your tenth Whateversary?)

  8. aetherize: I KNEW IT. The Fools At The Academy laughed, but I knew one day I would SHOW THEM ALL.

    In unrelated news: I can’t back you up on chocolate milk, Scalzi. It’s only syrupy if you make it wrong. And chocolate almond milk might be evidence that almonds as a species have attained their highest state of being.

  9. Annalee – chocolate almond milk +1. That is perhaps one of the greatest marriages of flavor! I would trade nutella and bisquatti (sp?) for it.

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