New and Upcoming Books, 8/16/12

A nice collection of reads, I have to say. Let me know in the comments whether any catch your particular fancy.

(For those of you wondering what happens to these books after you see them here, please see the Book Acquisition FAQ.)

51 Comments on “New and Upcoming Books, 8/16/12”

  1. The Given Sacrifice…. Hope to finish that book series soon ;-). Read 8 in two weeks and now months of waiting for the ninth.

  2. Ska-weeee! The Given Sacrifice! OMG OMG. I surely hope that he ties off all the strings, though. ::scurries off to Amazon to see when it publishes::

    (Also wanting Fire Season…)

  3. I’ve been waiting for “The Last President” by John Barnes, and of course I’m going to buy it, since (a) I have the two previous volumes, and (b) I like what he writes, just as I like what you write.

    I did not know there was going to be a 3rd book in the “Heaven’s…” storyline by Goyer/Cassutt and though I am slightly perturbed by this, I guess, I have to keep my eyes open for “Heaven’s Fall”. Currently about to read “Heaven’s War” (after I finish your latest). Yes, I know, I am a bit behind on latest and greatest, but I try.

  4. ooh, ooh, The Given Sacrifice. And I just started rereading the High King of Montival. What elegant timing. Fire Season looks good too.

  5. I’m giving The Given Sacrifice to my husband for his birthday, and then I will be lurking over his shoulder telling him to HURRY UP so I can read it. Wish those books came out during my birthday month instead of his so I could read it first!

  6. I have not read ‘The Blinding Knife’ but Brent Weeks’ Night Angel trilogy was brilliant: gritty high fantasy with characters that were very, unavoidably real. Only trilogy I’ve read in a long time that when I got to the end I wished there was a fourth book. I imagine this will be just as good.

  7. Yay, the new Change novel! Thanks for posting this, I’d never have known it was out otherwise.

  8. Fire Season & Spirits From Beyond (though that would require getting the othe Honor Harrison prequel books to go w/Fire Season…)

  9. _The Given Sacrifice_ for me too. Although I feel like it’s become something of a death march.

  10. Another “The Given Sacrifice” voice. Though I actually am behind in the series. I need to re-read the whole thing and buy The High King of Montival.

  11. Lots of love for Stirling. I read Conquistador on recommendation and didn’t really like where he went with it. I guess his other books are better?

  12. I’ve already finished The Last President,glad he finally got it finished. Love John Barnes!

  13. @wiredwizard – there is only one prequel to Fire Season – A Beautiful Friendship (although reading the short story sets doesn’t hurt). I really enjoyed it – looking forward to the third one!

    As for the others… hmmm… all of them?!

    So many books – so limited a budget.

  14. Chosen and the Blinding Knife are on my to get list come payday.

    I’ve been waiting to get Chosen for ages, Jacka is one of the most entertaining writers I’ve read in ages and a nice read while waiting for some of my larger series to get their next books out.

  15. I’m curious, since you get all these free books, have you ever put a bunch together that all have the same cover styles, just for fun? Seems there isn’t too much cover variety anymore. Either that or publishers choose styles that evoke the writing of another author that is close hoping the subtle reminder will prompt a sale. To me, it just suggests it will be the same old story with different characters, and I try to find books for other reasons than the pretty cover.

  16. Dude! Nice selection. I’ll take the Jacka, Weber, Ringo and Stirling off your hands. If not, oh well, Amazon to the rescue as my local B&N does not carry very many SF any more.

  17. Definitely looking foward to Fire Season, although so much else to read that I haven’t bought it yet. (I also have to figure out how to handle Weber stuff; I am very close to buying all the ebooks even though I have the hardcover of War of Honor with most of them.) I really enjoyed Lindskold’s handling of her Honorverse shorts so that should be good. I also didn’t think Weber really had YA writing down, as I felt it was a bit condescending to the reader, so I hope for improvement there.

    New readers shouldn’t bother reading the short story version of A Beautiful Friendship; part 1 of the novel version is pretty well an exactly copy-paste.

  18. Reading the comments, it’s nice to see others like Stirling as well. I still need to read the High King of Montival, but it has been a busy summer. I like much of Weber’s work as well, so I’ll have to look into that.

  19. OOOO… I Robot: To Obey … I’ve always loved the thematics of these stories!!!

  20. I am thrilled that there is another Brent Weeks book out. I think it’s time I actually buy all his books, since I’ve checked them all out from the library, AND I want to read them all again, now. That’s the rule of the Book Buying Abatement Program: I can only buy books that I check out twice + want to check out a third time.

  21. I wish Stirling would do another Draka book. I don’t like the Change books, at all–totally separate issue, just a note of personal preference–so I’m always disappointed when he puts out another. This is why I cannot ever have absolute power: I would be the Novel Dictator. “Write what I want to read, damnit, or I’ll clap you in irons, you ink-stained wretch!” At least I’m self-aware, right?

  22. I love Stirling, but have gotten a little tired of the never ending Change books. Love Jane Lindskold’s writing, and would almost kill (severe maiming, maybe?) for the new Simon Green.

  23. The Change books are not 10% as interesting as the other side of that equation, but I guess they sell better?

    I would like the Ann Aguirre, she’s cool.

    “Queen of Wands” may be the greatest thing since sliced bread, but when I saw it, all I could think was “OH NO JOHN RINGO NO”.

  24. John,

    On my phone the subject line of this email got cut off after “Books,” so what I saw was, “New and Upcoming Books.” I nearly had a major squee attack because I thought you were announcing YOUR new, upcoming books.


  25. Perdition and Fire Season look interesting, but I think I’ve had enough of SM Stirling’s change novels. The first was absolutely frikkin’ awesome, but they’ve been going slower and slower ever since.

  26. Well, Stirling, you’ve broken my heart at least three times over the course of your novels, I suppose I can handle one more.


    I’ve heard good buzz about Gated, too.

  27. @Lurkertype: “Queen of Wands” is an “OH NO JOHN RINGO NO” book but in a positive sense.
    Picture this: a christian protestant soccer mom teaming up with a norse priestess stripper and call girl to fight the forces of evil; the result is a massacre of sacred cows, no matter your religion (or lack of it) no matter your political position (or lack of it), your own personal little plushy sacred cow may be in it.
    For example, toward the end of the book, the President of the USA does something that may anger both certain fringes of democrats and of republicans for different reasons.

  28. Whee Chosen! I discovered Alex Verus because Benedict Jacka wrote a Sorcerer guide for Pathfinder, and happened to have his “I wrote a book” thing in the signature. I giggled and read the first three in two days :)

  29. Really looking forward to The Given Sacrifice, have it pre-ordered.
    Benedict Jacka does a wonderful job, too.

  30. After the struggle to finish THE LAST PRESIDENT, every bit of proof that it actually exists looks just incredibly lovely to me. And thanks, Cathy and Giorgio, for the kind words.

  31. Been wondering when Ringo would come out with the sequel to “Princess of Wands”. Yes, I am interested in “Queen of Wands”.

  32. I gave up on Stirling’s Change series a few books ago but still love most of his other work. When I first scanned the photo I was all “Yay for more treecats!” but then I realized I’d read that one a while ago. I enjoyed it but am currently feeling let down because I don’t have new treecats to go read. I’m looking forward to the new Jacka and Barnes.

  33. I just read Ann Aguirre’s Grimspace and am interested in reading more of her work. It was a bit rough around the edges, with too much time spent inside the protagonist’s head, but the world was compelling, especially the alien rights and racism issues, mixed with the notion of cross-breeding or otherwise mixing alien and human DNA.

  34. I’m also looking forward to the Given Sacrifice, although Lord of Mountains felt like it was almost entirely filler. To my fellow Draka fan, here is an ancient FAQ about why there will be no more Draka books for the foreseeable future.

  35. Fire Season by David Weber and Jane Lindskold was great! It actually reminds me of Fuzzy Nation, or more exactly the other way around since I read Fire Season first.

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