Daily Archives: August 18, 2013

My LoneStarCon 3 Schedule

It’s very brief. I am doing programming only on Sunday, September 1. The events are: 1pm – 2pm: Signing. This is when I am signing books. Usually the books I wrote. But, hey. I’m not picky. 3pm – 4pm: Reading. You will probably want to come to this because I will be reading either material […]

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My Dad Went to GenCon and All I Got Was This Actually Pretty Darn Nice Hat

Yeah, I got dad points.  Also, I had a nice day at GenCon. As I did last year, I came in for the day specifically, this year in order to take part in Pat Rothfuss’ charity run through True Dungeon. I regret to say I died thank you very much Pat Rothfuss, but the Pat […]

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