My LoneStarCon 3 Schedule

It’s very brief. I am doing programming only on Sunday, September 1. The events are:

1pm – 2pm: Signing. This is when I am signing books. Usually the books I wrote. But, hey. I’m not picky.

3pm – 4pm: Reading. You will probably want to come to this because I will be reading either material from the new novel or a short story directly related to the new novel. I haven’t decided yet which. Either way, this will be a Worldcon exclusive; this material will not have been read to anyone else. You will get it first. Plus the usual Q & A stuff at the end.

4pm – 5pm: Kaffeeklatsch. This is me talking with a small table of fans. You’ll need to sign up at the convention for this, and it’s first come, first serve.

And then after that I’m off to get ready for the Hugos, which are that night.

For those asking why the convention only has me doing these events and only on Sunday, the answer (which I’ve posted before but am repeating now just in case)  is because a) that’s when I told them I would be available and b) that’s what I said I would be willing to do. I’m a little burnt at the moment, and the idea of not doing a whole lot and just hanging out with friends was very appealing.

So don’t blame LoneStarCon for my schedule; it’s all on me. Indeed, I thank the folks at LoneStarCon for being willing to accommodate my schedule requests.

One other note: I won’t be arriving at LoneStarCon until late Friday afternoon at the earliest. If you look for me there earlier than that you won’t find me, or if you do, something has gone seriously wrong with the fabric of space and time, and you should probably be fairly alarmed. Just so you know.

9 Comments on “My LoneStarCon 3 Schedule”

  1. To show you’re not working, use an incognito on your badge. Like “Charles Boutin”. Have a good time.

  2. Why would you being going to Texas, which is probably the most regressive place you could go in the whole country? If you are going to shut out conferences for not having sufficiently strong polices on sexual harassment, why wouldn’t you do the same for an entire state which is substantially worse?

  3. dh – Having actually lived in Texas for more than ten years, I’d like to say this: just because the currently-elected governor of a state is a giant arsehole doesn’t mean that every resident of the state is also one. Nor does it mean that nothing good can ever come of the place, that its political climate is not subject to change or improvement, or that one should never set foot in it for fear of supporting something not even a little bit related to what you’re actually doing there.

    tl;dr version: there are good people, sci-fi fans, who just happen to reside in Texas. Let’s not hold it against them.

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