The Mallet Has Landed

Which is to say, my first author copy of The Mallet of Loving Correction: Selected Writings From Whatever, 2008 – 2012 has arrived at the Scalzi Compound. And it is absolutely lovely, if I do say so myself. The cover, with the illustration by Nate Taylor, is gorgeous, the end papers are fabulous and honestly everything about it is up to the usual Subterranean Press premium look and feel. It’s also pretty hefty at 484 pages — pretty sure it’s my longest book yet.

If you’re a fan of the site, it’s well worth getting in this signed, limited hardcover edition. Its release date is September 13, 2013 — not at all coincidentally the fifteenth anniversary of Whatever itself — but if you want to preorder a copy, you can do so from Subterranean Press directly. Here’s the link. Don’t miss out, because this will be the only hardcover edition, and once it’s gone, it’s gone forever (which is why they call it a limited edition).

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  1. Just ordered mine. I’m first! (At least among posters in this comment thread. In the wider world, enh?)

  2. Ordered. Counting the days.

    Also: customer service at Subterranean was excellent. I asked a question in the comment field of my order. They responded within a minute of the order being placed.

  3. Congrats on the new book – lovely cover. I see the Collected Silverberg to it’s right (my left) – aren’t’ those incredible. RS needs to be mentioned in any list of the Great Old Ones

  4. Ordered. The Canadian shipping charge was a bit onerous, but I justified it by making it a birthday present for myself since it comes out two days after my natal day.

  5. I just could not resist the cover and have ordered. I envy you your well used mallet. I keep wanting to use bean bags for the unruly at my workplace, a Public Library, but wiser heads explain that they would be thrown back. Still……

  6. You’re clutching up on that mallet – you need to hold the end of the handle
    to get a good swing. Just a suggestion in dealing with the larger trolls …


  7. I too was wondering the same as egl. After all, when you were down here in Cincinnati, you signed my copy of Redshirts with “you’re so going to win the contest…”, so I’ve been looking forward to my copy. (Of course, you also signed it with “this is not a promise” – paraphrasing, since I don’t have it here, but still, I’ll go ahead and take it as as a promise anyway since if you carefully choose how you’ll be dysfunctional in this world, you can sometimes get ahead. ;) )

  8. C W Rose, I suspect that he is going to let the MoLC slide out just before he swings it. That way it looks all cool and Conan-like and the weight is better distributed while he carries it in the “ready” position. It also lets him use his weight as extra force on the downswing (which is why he’s flying through the air).

    Mental note: If I ever open up a carnival “Ring the bell” booth, do not let Mr. Scalzi play!

  9. Will some of the, um, livelier discussions’ comments and Malletings be in the book, too? Seems they should be, considering the title :)

  10. I’m confused a bit. Will I be able to buy this book at B&N, or is it only available through the link?

  11. Isn’t it just stuff culled from here that is already available here and via wayback for free?

  12. Having been recently malleted (as I knew the entry would be, but really, who can resist naming a group of weiners a “penis”?) I must have a copy… off to order now!

  13. Must…buy..

    This looks fantastic! Finally, the glorious Mallet of Loving Correction gets its noble due!

  14. Ah, what the heck. I’ve never bought anything from SubPress before, although I admire what they do (and really like Bill Schaefer from his comments here). And while I’ll have already read every post in the book at least twice, this is a way I can show appreciation for having all this content provided to me for free.

    Besides, I love that drawing.

  15. In as much as I’d love to get this, sadly the extreme cost of international shipping (the same as the book price!) makes it completely unaffordable. I don’t know why shipping has to be so much; and the other annoying aspect is that there is only one choice – “first class international”. I don’t need a gold-plated box; nor do I need the thing to arrive 48 hours later. I’d gladly pay a lower shipping cost if there was one…

    (Not that John can do much about this; but unless comments are made there is zero chance of change in the future…)

  16. My spouse overheard me wistfully sighing over The Mallet this morning.

    We’ve promised each other to stop buying more books and just use the library for reading material, since this tiny house is more than a little overstuffed with books already. I know that, and I support it, and I really don’t WANT to accumulate more stuff for our kids to dispose of at some point in the (hopefully distant) future.

    But goldurnit, I WANT this book. Don’t just want to borrow it and give it back. Want to OWN it.

    And I got an email from the spouse about mid-day today telling me there is a Mallet in my future despite the moratorium on book purchases, just because.


  17. So, with regard to the cover. Which one is you?

    (Makes big brown eyes and stares appealingly.)

  18. I like how in the picture the troll is all calm and minding his own business and you’re all berzerkergang. Kind of the opposite of real life….

  19. This makes me excited – already laughing to myself about all the funny things I know are in those pages! :)

  20. I’m sorry, which book are you talking about? All I see there is a lettered edition of Perdido Street Station.

  21. Kim – ‘new to this blog – check out the ‘Random Whatever’ link on the right side of the page. Sometimes you get a picture of a cat, sometimes you get a classic ;-)

  22. Always hold the hammer, or mallet if you prefer, by the end of the handle. You will find it is much easier to swing and you will strike a far more powerful blow.

  23. Received my copy from Subterranean yesterday afternoon. What a lovely book! So far I’ve read 20 pages and enjoying it so much. This is the first non-e book I’ve bought in a couple of years; I’d forgotten how nice the smell and heft of a well crafted tome.

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