Today’s New Books and ARCs, 8/22/13

Here’s what I’ve got for you today. 

I’ll note the book at the top, Steven Brust’s and Skyler White’s The Incrementalists, comes with a blurb from me:

And there you have it.

So. What looks good to you?

48 Comments on “Today’s New Books and ARCs, 8/22/13”

  1. OMG, look at that beautiful, enormous TOME in the middle! I don’t even care what it’s about, I want that doorstopper! You know it has to have a wonderfully intricate plot and cast to be that thick!

  2. How can you talk about Brust taking your money when you are obviously getting the Incrementalist for free? I’ll be doing it the same way when it comes to my library. I am also glad to be introduced to the Apt series.

  3. “Shut up and take my money” are pretty much exactly the words I uttered when I heard The Human Division was coming.

  4. You torture me with possibilities well before Amazon or Fantastic Fiction. Good thing. But I want to read.

  5. Brust’s co-author is named Skyler White? All I can think of is does Walt know? How did she have enough time away from laundering money at the car wash to write a novel?

    Definitely interested in The Incrementalists, and Perpetual Motion Club has a cool intriguing title…

  6. I liked A Stir of Echoes when I read it back in ’99, and I have a weakness for doorstop books, so War Master’s Gate too.

  7. “Secret societies, immortality, murder mysteries and Las Vegas”? Sounds like Brust has been reading too much Tim Powers…nah, who am I kidding. There’s no such thing as too much Tim Powers *or* too much Steven Brust! :)

  8. A first: I can read all the title/authors and am so high on chopped up peaches that have some sugar and spices and anti browning agents (citric and ascorbic acid) added to them that I’m willing try to type the whole list. (Hey, it’s like eating cookie dough: If you don’t? What’s wrong with you!?)
    The Incrementalists Brust and White
    Queen of Nowhere Fenn
    Biting Bad Neill
    Impossible Monsters edited by Lansdale
    War Master’s Gate Tchaikovsky (Wait, what? Oh. Adrian, not Peter. Well, anyway if that’s a good read it looks like it has enough pages to be an astounding per word value if it wasn’t written by some friendless agoraphobic. (Really, If you have a question, ask. Don’t speculate about the answer, ask a friend)(this is a reference to books that go on ad nauseum about the obvious and may have been written as an explanation of feelings for sociopaths)(But sorry, I digress).
    A Stir of Echoes Matheson
    The Perpetual Motion Club Lange
    Fiddlehead Priest
    The God Tattoo Lloyd
    Shaman Robinson.

    About Fiddlehead? Years ago, I had a really soggy place in my back yard. I planted a few fiddle head ferns. That place instantly dried and they died. No Sauteed Fiddlehead Ferns for me.

    And, yes, I /am/ trying to get back down to fifty pounds overweight.

  9. The Incrementalists and Shaman in particular but this is an especially attractive stack of books.

  10. Dammit, I got all excited for my pre-order, but Incrementalists isn’t coming until the 24th.

  11. A Stir of Echoes wasn’t first rate Matheson, as I recall, but it’s still good.

  12. I would drive over there and steal your copy of that top beauty; if I had not already pulled the trigger on the pre-order at Audible.

  13. Oh. My. The next Shadows of the Apt book! Adrian Tchaikovsky has created one of the most engaging heroic fantasy worlds in this series. Must have this book!

  14. Stir of Echoes is an my list. I’ve heard good things about Kim Stanley Robinson. I’m going to have to add The Perpetual Motion Club to my list.

  15. Fiddlehead Fiddlehead Fiddlehead!

    I want very little more out of life than my steampunk zombies.

  16. Brust’s co-author is named Skyler White? All I can think of is does Walt know? How did she have enough time away from laundering money at the car wash to write a novel?

    Well, Walt did say they needed other outlets to launder all that cash…

  17. Lots looks good here. Definitely will read Cherie Priest, Steven Brust and Kim Stanley Robinson. I have War Master’s Gate in my hot little hands because I absolutely could not wait for it and paid a fortune to have it sent from Amazon UK. Shadows of the Apt is a great series but for anyone unfamiliar with it, this is book 9 of 10 and you really should start with the 1st one. You will thank me.

  18. @Amy Fredericks: Shaman goes right on my to-read list in the hope that it is *not* like 2312!

  19. Sorry, but I’m in take no prisoners mode here; ‘The Incrementalists’ is MINE!

    I was going to add some more exclamation marks, but sanity supervened, which is just as well, really, because I was perilously close to bwaahahaha and then it’s just about impossible to avoid Mount Doom…

  20. I’m eyeing the Chloe Neill book. I’m not a huge fan of vampires, but I love her Chicagoland Vampire series. Her books always make me really hungry, though.

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