Today Jay Lake Has Good Advice For You

And you should consider taking it.

(and here’s the Livejournal version, in case you can’t reach the first link.)

By John Scalzi

I enjoy pie.

15 replies on “Today Jay Lake Has Good Advice For You”

When I see people being gratuitously unkind to someone, it always ticks me off a little. The students and instructors in our dojos have learned that I will send somene home for the day if they shit on someone else. I understand people have bad days – maybe traffic was bad and your boss chewed you out before coming to class, maybe your dog died yesterday and someone picked your pocket – but it’s one thing to vent and another altogether to pay it forward by making someone else’s life more difficult. If more people understood the difference, the world would be a better place, IMHO.

Part of his advice re-enforces something I heard long ago (and, fortunately, heeded fairly well): “If you do this thing you are proposeing to do, you will regret it from time to time. If you do not do it, you will always regret not doing it”. (Mind you, this advice does _not_ apply to those few (but sometimes tempting) things that you will assuredly always regret doing.)

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