The Dog Days of Summer

Daisy is determined to enjoy them. And who can blame her.

8 Comments on “The Dog Days of Summer”

  1. Enjoy the moment. Yeah, intelligence is overrated. Really, it’s the simple things.

    Btw, your grass is green. Mine is yellow and I live in Seattle (rhyme!). Why is that?

  2. I don’t know Daisy, but her Body Language suggests to me that she’s going to go in for some serious contemplation of that butterfly… and of Conservation of Energy. Smart dog, as one might expect in your household. (Well… yeah, you probably sometimes have good cause to mutter “Stupid dog!”, but (Iike sometimes rightly muttering “Teenager!”) that’s Life.)

  3. [Deleted because a dude who drops in just to insult my dog really needs to get out more – JS]

  4. Does the vet keep saying she needs to lose weight? I swear, vets think all pets should be super-model slim, but as mom always said “What’s the point of having a pet if you don’t spoil them?”

    And if your vet doesn’t say that, can you have him/her send a memo to mine?

    I am not a dog person, but Daisy seems like a Good Dog to me. A proper size and shape, sort of the Platonic ideal of dogness. I would make baby-talk noises at her. OOO’S A GOOD DOGGIE? Daisy is, yeeesss, good puppy.

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