Storm Clouds, 8/21/13

Forgot to put this one up the other day. We had some dramatic clouds just before our big storm.

By John Scalzi

I enjoy pie.

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Wow, I’m gunna have to look at my unused monitor’s bottom to see one of its sexes is s video, and if so buy an s video cable and hang that monitor in portrait mode.
It /would/ be cool to have screen that is oriented like a document, but, now that I think about it, I don’t recall any settings in the graphics drivers that would rotate the image to display it properly. Time for third party software, I guess

But, I mean, both my desktop images feature clouds? And awesome cloud pic.

@ m1fcj Member No. 32,935
Silly of me to wonder whether ‘The Cloud Appreciation Society” is a real thing.
Best cloud I’ve ever seen was kind of egg shaped with the longer axis vertical. Inside it I saw some flashes of lightning: the flashes would move about in an area that was maybe 5% of its total for a short time, and do so again somewhere else near the vertical middle of it.
I’m pretty sure that this wasn’t this century, and I only watched it for about half a minute, partly because I suddenly remembered how far away from a storm lightning can strike.

Be cause thread closed before I saw=

After reading whole thing about feminist and regency era dress… I quickly went back to photo to scan for a ring. Why are the only guys worth having already taken????
I know not some deep intellectual response just what I thought right after reading.

Hey John–this is a really awesome photo. Would you mind if I try to make it into a drawing? What’s your copyright/usage policy on photos?

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