Sunset 8/28/13

Another pretty one. Because you’re worth it. Yes, you.

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  1. Pretty, yes. And also the image taken by a man with a very good eye! If you tire of writing, you just might find a second career as a photographer.

  2. Okay, she is facing to the right.
    I see hair, a cute little unicorn horn between her eyebrows, eyes, nose, and goatee.
    I think she is giving us the finger.
    She’s been breast feeding, and got distracted and forgot to switch the baby to her right boob, which is why it is so much bigger.
    Also, “Ooh, very pretty. I like it a lot.”

  3. Oddly, I have a visceral philosophical/ethical confusion response whenever someone asserts to me that “I’m worth it”, because I still haven’t figured out what the phrase means (I am worth more than other people who might potentially also want X? it is morally/ethically right for me to have X? granted what conditions? is it even a meaningful phrase, or is it just a conditioned response/excuse/reason-shoved-forward like “how are you? I’m fine”? is it just an advertising phrase put forward to make unnecessary excess sound laudable that has slid into totally-fine usage as well? [A plate full of lark’s tongues: because you’re worth it. vs. Not being abused: because you’re worth it.]) and it’s often in the context of things that are not available to everyone, like particularly nice medical care – does that mean that the single mom working two part time jobs with no insurance who cannot access this *isn’t* worth it? Or does it mean we’re both “worth it”, but only one of us gets it due to circumstances largely outside my control, and what does that say about the sole spoken reason for me getting Nice Thing being “I’m worth it” – does that condition us to think that we’re worth more than those who don’t get Nice Things? Would it be more ethically fair for me to have a less pampered existence and share the wealth? (this is not an “I’m worth less than other people” self-esteem thing, just a weird philosophical/ethical tangle that means that advertising tag lines confuse me All The Time.)

    Fortunately, a sunset picture on the internet is not a zero-sum thing. So, yes, we’re all “worth it”. I think. Right? :-)

    Of course, I think I just got mentally trolled by a picture of a sunset, which is probably a low point. So… right. Time for sleep.

  4. @KC, I think you may have overthought that a tad!

    Great sunset. I’m hankering wistfully for cat pix but in the meantime – great sunset :).

  5. There has been a notable dearth of cat pics of late… Of course this is slightly ameliorated at my end by my currently \, literally, having a cat hanging off my arm. Makes… typing… diffic09jq3p

  6. Kind of makes you get why it is all those pesky aliens keep invading Earth…
    …they’re just like folks at Mallory Square in Key West or the pier in Santa Monica or anywhere else where people meander down to watch the magic and majesty of the sunset… every night as if for the first time…

  7. People sometimes poke fun at us Ohioans for reasons often deserved. But we have astoundingly beautiful skies. Nothing beats relaxing on my backyard porch swing and smiling at the heavens, while my dumb dog galumphs around. The bourbon helps too.

  8. Thank you, that is lovely. And I am having A Day, and seeing something pretty because I’m worth it, even if you don’t know me from a hole in the wall (actually, I think you could manage that), makes a difference.

  9. KC, who probalbly isn’t still around said: ” Oddly, I have a visceral philosophical/ethical confusion response whenever someone asserts to me that “I’m worth it””

    I’m a 500 pound man who doesn’t wear a bra when I go jogging, and I am worth that bra (I hate the cat calls of “make ’em BOUNCE!”).
    I hope that the person who says that you are worth “it” is as confused as we are about what ‘it’ means.
    Now, please don’t do something stupid like hitting your toe on that coffee table’s leg when it is “Gotta Pee, Gotta Pee, Eek. Eek” at dark thirty AM, because we are better than that, and broken toes really hurt.
    But back to me. I’m better than breaking my toe on a coffee table, and so are you: When somebody says that you are better than ask person what the person means. The ones who don’t say something that means ‘fuck off and get me another beer, you worthless *.*’ or ‘Uhm, that’s what the manual say’s I should say” are worth a listen.

  10. Oh, I hate catcalls. (that one in particular is just conceptually ridiculous – what, you think that people who are carrying more pounds than is societally standard should *not* be exercising?)(also: I’m realizing, incidentally, that I’m assuming all or the preponderance of catcallers are male – is this correct in your case?) I have never figured out how to jog correctly – I can walk, I can run, but I can’t do something-sort-of-in-between without my knees informing me that whatever I’m doing is entirely unacceptable, so congratulations either on unlocking the mysteries of jogging or of having better knees than I do (or possibly both).

    I think part of the reason the phrase still gets such an aggressive “does not compute” in my head (and this is the only phrase I know of that trolls my brain) is that a really surprising number of intelligent, reasonable people have been unable, when asked, to explain what they do mean (of course, additional people have been concerned about whether I had unusually poor self-worth and whatnot; a couple have just been obviously riffing off ad campaigns about something ridiculous [which does not troll my brain, being labeled as a joke]; and I’ve skipped many, many instances where it’d just be really unhelpful to derail into a philosophical conversation).

    Very sorry to hear about broken toe. And yes, you’re worth not having a broken toe (which, still, does not prevent the broken toe!). Hope it heals up soon, and hope the coffee table is suitably apologetic. ;-)

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