Today’s New Books and ARCs, 8/28/13

Here they be! See one or more that speaks to you ? Don’t be shy, tell the class in the comments!

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  1. Not a one. Then again, with a list of 679 Books To Get, do I really need *more titles?!

  2. Scroll of Years, definitely.

    Chris Willrich, whom I never met, told me that he used to read my blog and website for Amber Diceless related stuff. And I learned that after learning how interesting the book is from Lou Anders.

    Yeah, so I feel obligated to read it…and am excited to read it. This is a combination that can blow up a carefully constructed and ordered to-be-read pile, you know

  3. I’m a Kris Longknife fan and have been waiting for this book. Read all the others in the spring, so it is on my “To buy the first day it is out” eBook list. Also read all of Jack Campbell’s books so this one is on my top read list.

  4. Crux Crux Crux!

    (Nexus was awesome. And I’m not just saying that because [disclosure] I’m friends with Mez. Nexus was a great technothriller with philosophizing that made sense. It was the anti-Crichton. Crux is gonna be great.)

  5. I’ve been looking forward to reading Crux, but it doesn’t seem to be available in iBooks, yet. Nexus had a really strong hook, but it sort of fell apart towards the second half under the weight of structural problems. I have high hopes that Crux will rise above the first-novel blues.

  6. I don’t know anything about “The Lost Stars” or “The Scroll of Years”, but they both look interesting… I’m a sucker for pretty type-face.

  7. You’ve already posted the Joel Shepherd book (unless you’ve gotten a 2nd copy). I know this because the previous book stack photo was what clued me in to the novel’s existence in the first place (and I’m still very excited about it!)

  8. Ooh, a new Kris Longknife? About time. I see Amazon is asking *more* for the ebook than the mass-market paperback, though; we’ll see how that plays out. May have to wait for used.

  9. I agree with most of the above.
    But how did I get to Niven & Pournelle from searching on Amazon for “23 years on fire.”
    Please note the absence of “?”

  10. Joel Shepherd! Woot! I will certainly be reading Jack Campbell (John Hemry) and Mike Shepherd (Mike Moscoe) but the Joel Shepherd is what really catches my eye because he writes much slower than the others! So I get a fix much more infrequently.

  11. Waaaaah, every time there’s one of these posts, my to-read list gets longer, and most of the time, the new stuff goes at the top of the list. I’m finishing Constellation Games right now.

  12. I just got “Babayaga”–finally- from the library. You showed a spine of that one awhile back. Am finding it so marvelously different that I don’t want to think about another book right now. So I’m going to pass, for the first time (I think).

  13. Campbell’s book, for sure. I keep juggling various series and he looks like the on-deck batter.

  14. Has just occurred to me that a) tomorrow is Friday which means b) it’s nearly the weekend and c) my library card is recently a little underused. Won’t help me with this lot but there’s still a big TBR list to tackle. Fun times shall ensue!

  15. I agree with jamercer that the title, “23 Years on Fire” is quite intriguing, but what I find most interesting is that the covers (or at least the spines) seem down-right plain relative to other new arrival pics posted. I’m not complaining, just noticing.

  16. Perilous Shield! I actually discovered Jack Campbell and the Lost Fleet books a couple of weeks ago. Really glad he’s planning a couple more books to add to that universe.

  17. Baxter.

    Returned to him recently after a break of a few years to find that he can do good plots with proper characters and stuff now, not just the hard science fiction dry concept-y bit he was always good at. He’s become a damn fine all round SF writer, IMHO. One of the very best.

  18. I wasn’t aware of that Baxter series. It looks like it’s cut from the same Turtledove cloth that will make me feel bad about myself as a reader for loving the idea but not really having the patience for the journey.

  19. Curious: if you enjoy a particular ARC, do you end up acquiring the final published version or do you just shelve the ARC and keep that as your copy?

  20. Shepherd and Campbell are the ones I’d go for – need new books in those series

  21. Really looking forward to Crux. I first learned about Nexus from this blog, got it as a present from my girlfriend, and I have been wanting to read the sequel since I first heard about that one.

  22. Downloaded “Crux” by Ramez Naam last week, and I’m loving it! I was super excited to get I and highly recommend the “Nexus” series

  23. So, Mr. Scalzi, do you ever read and recommend your picks from these stacks of books?

    Our house got so full of stuff (books, other collectables, art, etc…) I had to build a 4 car garage with a second story shop; now the spousal person thinks the purpose of that structure is to take excess books out there for long-term storage…. !

    So Sad!

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