Busy at Worldcon

Don’t expect much here today. Check in with the twitter feed for updates on what damn fool thing I am doing. That’s probably the best bet.

By John Scalzi

I enjoy pie.

9 replies on “Busy at Worldcon”

But…But…it’s International Bacon Day! No bacon posts?

(Peanut Butter and bacon cookies would be more portable for worldcon, but I bet I could make bacon churro waffles).

Not trolling on it. It was why I decided not to go. Partly because of politics, but mostly because I don’t do well in hot, humid environments, especially when I’m as fat as I am right now.

Stupid reason. Hotels have AC, and I don’t here in Hoboken, where it’s extremely hot and sticky.

The fact that Rick Perry is striving to turn Texas into a racist misogynist hell-hole still applies, but would not, in itself, be sufficient reason. Especially since I expect Texas fans to be appalled by that evil coprocephalic noncompos.

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