Hey, I Won the Best Novel Hugo.

More details after I am done celebrating.


Update, 2:30am, 9/2/13:

I’m going to bed. Tomorrow (actually, today) is a travel day, so there may not be any substantive update. Don’t worry, if I don’t post anything Monday there will be a full report on Tuesday. In the meantime: Wheeee!

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  1. Saw the livecast, and was delighted with the win! Very well-deserved, in a stand-out cast of nominees.

  2. Everybody flail like Kermit. *YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY!!!*

    Your acceptance speech was one of the few parts of the ceremony the Ustream let through, and it was great. But at the beginning, when you made that lo-o-o-ong exhale, I thought you were going to totally deflate into an empty bag behind the podium.

    But once again… *YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY!!!*

  3. Congratz! Here’s a cookie! It’s shaped like a Hugo award and tastes like solid cream float with dried mango topping. Eat it and feel the euphoria rise.

  4. Glad to see your works getting the recognition they deserve! Congratulations! Please continue to grace us with your stories and ideas for many years to come. Thank you!

  5. Congrats! This was one of the first sci-fi novels I’ve read in quite a while that I would, without hesitation, press into some friend’s hand and say “you *must* read this!

  6. Congratulations! Red Shirts is the best novel I’ve read in the last year!
    Now, what’s next?

  7. Congratulations! And that’s an awesome base this year too. Looks heavy. Can you fit it in your luggage? It’ll look nice in pride of place on your trophy shelf. Be sure to post a pic when you get home.

  8. Congrats!

    I must say I’m a bit surprised. Not because I didn’t think it’s worthy (it is), but because it uses such an unusual approach.

  9. Awesome! Congratulations!

    (And here’s hoping this will give impetus to the OMW movie project! Yo, Hollywood, Book -5- is a monster hit!)

  10. Dang! My OOPS! Redshirts, not The Human Division! Dunnhhh!!!

    Yo, Hollywood, -another- winner!

    (And I’m betting on THD for 2014. Takers?)

  11. Congratulations, for both the Hugo and the Seiun! I watched the live feed last night, and was delighted that it was deglitched in time for remote viewers to see the last several awards.
    Coincidentally, yesterday afternoon was when I finally stopped dithering over format and bought Redshirts at my nearest Barnes & Noble, using their bookfair coupon for Worldbuilders. It was the only title of yours on display — they’ve recently expanded their teen fantasy/paranormal/etc. section and cut the main f&sf offerings by about a third — so perhaps the Hugo will earn you a little more shelf space!

  12. This was, in my opinion anyhow, one of the stronger fields in a while. And yet, not terribly surprised to see Redshirts take the prize. An excellent, accessible work by a deservedly well known author? The odds were in favor.

  13. Wheeee indeed! Congratulations! I have just bought Redshirts and will read it as soon as I’m done reading Lord of the Flies.

  14. My hardcover copy is laying flat on my bookshelf but has started glowing: Hugo activation initiated. Very nice.

  15. Conga Rats!! I would have watched your speech live, but I went to bed after the live feed crashed for like the dozenth time. Hopefully, I can catch it on replay.

  16. Well deserved, sir, very well deserved!

    That statue looks dangerous – please be careful on your journey back here to Ohio! Hmmm … I bet they won’t allow such a pointy metal object in your carry on luggage. ^_~

  17. I have to say that I’m pleasantly surprised to see Redshirts win; I thought that Hugo voters would give the prize to Kim Stanley Robinson. I’m also pleased that those same voters chose Game of Thrones: Blackwater for Best Dramatic Presentation Short Form, thus breaking Dr. Who’s lock on the category. Nothing against the good Doctor, but it was getting ridiculous.

  18. Congrats. I will read the book soon as I’ve got 400 books in the SBR*.

    SBR = Strategic Book Reserve

  19. Congratulations, Mr. Scalzi! I read this book a couple of months ago, and really enjoyed it. As a fan of Star Trek, I love how you so wonderfully portrayed the absurdity of some of the plotlines. I felt like I was reading a Trek episode while reading a parody of Trek. There was just so much to think about in the book. Plus, it made me (actually, literally) laugh out loud at a time when I was upset about lots of other things. Thank you.

  20. Really?

    For a book? That you wrote?

    Kidding!! Congratulations and many more! Now you know that you are at the top of your profession! Like an Oscar, but prettier!

    I read that book and thought it was an amazing thought experiment, as well as a nicely told strange story. Keep up the good work! Faster, too!! Oops, I’ve exceeded the proportion of exclaimation points per sentence, darn…

  21. Congrats John! I had my fingers crossed for you. Yours was one of two awards I was really hoping to see, the other being Stan Schmidt for Best Editor. I kind of peed a little when I saw you both won.

  22. I’m so happy to see that Redshirts won a Hugo !! I’ve only read it 5 or 6 times so far. When I reach number 10 this work will officially be among my favorites. Right there next to the OMW series and Fuzzy Nation.

  23. Congratulations! I loved most of the books that were nominated this year (and still havent gotten around to reading the others, which is not a reflection on their quality). How awesome to come out on top of such a competitive field! Where does this put you in your quest to win a Hugo in every category? Are you one closer, or is this a repeat?

  24. Excellent. For years I have enjoyed your work. Red Shirts is a finely crafted story.
    From your fans please WRITE FASTER!
    How how did your wife let you be pleased with yourself before you were assigned to clean the cat box?

  25. Oh, Craig L. nailed it. “But once again… *YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY!!!*”

    Congratulations, Scalzi. Well deserved, in a field where this year I can say that of every nominee.

    Dance, Scalzi, dance!

  26. Well done, indeed. The whole thing is delightful, but it’s the codas that put it over the top. I may have gotten something in my eye when reading those, or perhaps suffered a massive allergy attack.

    I noticed a pattern: the works that were provided to the Hugo packet only in password-protected PDFs did not win and did not even do as well as one might have expected (Yes, I read all the voting stats last night, thought I bailed on the live stream). Publishers should maybe consider that fen get cranky about those things.

    Voting was tough this year. Usually it’s obvious (at least to me) what’s going to win and what shouldn’t even be on the ballot, but Novel (and Novella) were very competitive this year, so OGH should rightly be proud of himself.

    Must admit that I was STOKED that Stan Schmidt FINALLY won, that was the award that might have had me very cranky indeed had it not gone that way.

    Also super-excited for MRK and the boys winning.

    And while I was one of the brave few who wanted that episode of “Fringe” to win, I knew it was a lost cause, so am pleased about “Game of Thrones” instead. I have seen every episode of “Doctor Who” ever (more-or-less live back to the 5th Doctor) and the ones nominated this year… just weren’t that great. Good, but not great.

    @Patti Niehoff: I grew up with prairie dogs in Boulder!

  27. Congratulations!

    Molly (my 12-year-old) also wrote “Redshirts” down on the index card for “favorite book I read this summer” when we were at her school open house last week. (I wasn’t sure that she’d seen enough Classic Trek to fully appreciate the humor, but she liked it a ton.)

  28. Congratulations, indeed, John!

    p.s. I touched it! You weren’t around, but Krissy was, and I thought I’d touch it and get some of that good mojo I hear they contain. I held Mary’s. I think she might have been tired of lugging it around all night at that point. I love the base.

  29. Always a delight to touch base …
    Behold, rodents dancing before shiny rocket – well earned!

  30. Marvelous — and the only negative comments on the TOR Hugo announcement page are from cranky souls unhappy that an enjoyable book was enjoyed by so many.

  31. Heck, I’ll post congrats here as well on small world Facebook threads. It is interesting to see an author building a reputation on fiction that in some ways is as experimental as anything written by Pynchon or Wallace — but written breezily. (Meaning “accessibly”.)

    More than anything, I think it’s because the characters resonate emotionally.

    Anyway, congrats repeated.

  32. John, that’s really great news! Sorry for the late order, John, but fixed incomes and one payday a month don’t make for a more rapid purchase process. Will you be anywhere nearby Home Base that you’d be able to sign said book? I expect my copy to arrive either Thursday or Friday, and if you’re going to be doing any signing, I’d like to bring the book to you. Thanks.

  33. This is excellent for many reasons – congratulations! And don’t forget – if you’re in a pinch and there’s an unwelcome intruder in your home, that trophy is designed to be held at the base and used as an effective torso spear.

  34. Belated congrats and and thanks for the signed books. I dedicate the next year to NOT being a redshirt!

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