Me and the Missus, 9/1/13

Yes. I’ve been very lucky in my life, in more than one way. Don’t think I don’t know it.

Photo by Alan Wagner-Krankel.

By John Scalzi

I enjoy pie.

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Your wife looks gorgeous, and you are rocking that Hugo despite the fact that you look like you’ve just downed a dozen Coke Zeros with a Red Bull chaser. And who could blame you.


I am grinning all over at that image, Mr. & Mrs. Scalzi. Thanks for sharing a glimpse into your partnership.

Yes, you’re a lucky dude. But you KNOW you’re lucky, and you don’t let it turn you into a butthole, and you get giddily goofily gleeful about winning the Best Novel Hugo (still grinning about that reaction, too, by the way) even though you are arguably one of the best writers in the field. And that’s what we love about you.

Oh, and just so you know, I’d say that Mrs. Scalzi is lucky, too. Now, go smooch her again – we’ll politely turn our heads, I promise!

Wow, she’s good-looking, Mr. Scalzi, you are one lucky–hold on, there’s a creepy missionary who looks like you sans facial hair sitting next to her. AND HE”S HOLDING YOUR HUGO AWARD!!!!!

Mrs. Scalzi’s new hair looks good. Mr. Scalzi’s new hair looks creepy. Plus, he looks vaguely like a Greek comic actor in full costume (drunk-looking face/mask, ridiculously oversized penis/vaguely phallic object held in lap, etc.).

More seriously, thank you for being as awesome as you are lucky, Mr. Scalzi.

You know, when we finally get a hold of ET, they’re gonna wonder why we think everything vaguely rod shaped looks like the male genitalia we routinely cover up, and I don’t think beaming them a copy of Freud will quite cut it.

Well, I’ll listen to her, at least, and not suggest that you’re the lucky one alone; clearly she feels the same way, and I think that’s awesome.

Burns!, that was…unpleasant. Maybe you’re the first one because it’s kind of gross to suggest that his much-loved wife is a prize of some sort, rather than a really cool and interesting and lovely human being in her own right? Am I going too 70s for you, or should we drop back another decade for your comfort?


As a matter of context, Burns! is one of my best friends (Redshirts is co-dedicated to him) and was a groomsman at my wedding, and is also dear friends with Krissy. He’s well aware that Krissy is not a trophy, of course. The comment is meant to be affectionately ironic and a little silly, not offensive, and I took it as such. So no worries there. But thank you.

Well, I think you’re both lucky. I respect and envy any couple who has the kind of relationship you two obviously do, and it’s that kind because you value and love and just plain like each other a whole lot and both feel fortunate to be with each other (or so I gather from what you write here, and I have no reason to disbelieve you). I’m glad for you both, and that moment must have been lovely for you both.

I don’t know where these so-called friends of yours get off acting like your looks aren’t worthy of your mate – she picked you out of the crowd, at least partly because she finds you (somehow) attractive.

Not to put her taste in men down! Not only can you write up a storm, it’s words in a row that others are willing to pay for! And award trophies for!

I would like to be able to buy a giant pot-boiler of yours someday, a space opera with enough crazy to be fascinating all the way through. I know that isn’t your normal type of book, but a guy can dream, can’t he?

Keep up the good great work!

I’m not sure if Krissy is better rocking the blonde or brunette look, but if it pleases her, I say go for it. BTW, I think the cleanshaven face and haircut make you resemble Joshua Malina, who frequently appears in Aaron Sorkin productions.
Hella tie clip there, Mr. Scalzi.

John’s not a bad looking dude.

Presentation is half the battle. OK, granted, his underwear modelling career isn’t going to take off anytime soon (which is a shame because I think we can all agree that the world needs to see the pink gamma rabbit boxer line), but at least he makes an effort.

I’ve dealt with the same crap where people thought I was mismatched with some of the women I’ve dated. It gets real old real fast whether you’re the one who’s taste is being questioned or not. When you disrespect someone’s choice in who they date or marry, you’re disrespecting that person.

@ Gulliver: Easy solution: Put Idris Elba in Gamma Rabbit boxers. Many women (my mother included) love Idris Elba–him in nothing but pink Gamma Rabbit boxers would definitely sell millions.

Also, I’m not intending disrespect–I am trying to note the fact that, if a woman as awesome as Mrs. Scalzi is willing to marry a geek god like Mr. Scalzi, then there’s hope for us all.

Third, I prefer the previous Scalzi Hairdo. He looks too much like Brandon Sanderson without the beard. (And Brandon Sanderson is the only one who can pull off the missionary look without being creepy) Bald Scalzi is OK, though.

@Floored: I know you didn’t mean anything malign by it to either of them. Just bear in mind that any suggestion someone has “settled” for the person they love is unlikely to go down well with them. What is easy to brush off when directed at ourselves we are often less inclined not to bristle when it’s aimed at our paramours.

A friend recently turned me on to Luther on Netflix. We’re officially hooked and I can report that my partner is all about the Iris Elba. Me, I’m a sucker for anyone with a British accent :P


Burns! made the innocent error of not remembering that tongue-in-cheek communication between friends done in public can often look different than how it is intended, and that this blog, in particular, is more public than most.

With that said, this particular line of conversation is over, please. The next comment on it will get Malleted.

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