“Mark Reads Stuff” Does “The Android’s Dream”

Oh, people. Just go watch. It’s worth it just to see him struggle through the very first sentence of the book. I haven’t laughed this hard in a while.

(Warning: As Mark is actually reading the first chapter, there are spoilers if you’ve not read it already.)

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  1. Man, I wish I could forget the story Android’s Dream so I can read it again. That’s the second book I read of yours and I liked it second only after Redshirts.

  2. Mark is an absolute delight and I’m happy to see him reading this. Honestly, that was just about my reaction to the first sentence, too, except I was soaking in the bathtub and nearly drowned myself laughing.

  3. “The Android’s Dream?”
    Right, the one with the butcher shop and eminent domain. (I can’t tell whether I’ve read any book from its editorial review, seems like the editorial reviewers select the stock one that is close enough, they hope.)

    I use FF almost always. I have it set to be mildly paranoid, partly because I hate annoyances, and partly because I use it for banking.
    Okay, opened the URL in Chrome. That worked.
    I miss that program that would play AV stuff at 150% of native. It made some TV programs excellent, couldn’t help most.

  4. I am absolutely delighted that Mark is reading Android’s Dream. It was the first of your books I read, at a friend’s suggestion. That person is still my friend, yes. I think Mark is a genius, and so genuine in his reactions. I remember speaking to the book as I read it… “What?!” “Wait, are you kidding me?” “OH MY GOD!”

  5. Mark’s reactions are always funny but this was one of his better starts. Thanks for writing such a ….memorable….. first sentence.

  6. I don’t know if you linked to Mark’s reading of Redshirts earlier. It was not a full fledged read-through. He did it in a set of 3 small posts for the main body and one for the codas. As usual, he also had a few videos commissioned. I implore you to watch his reaction on reading the last lines of chapter 23 and the complete chapter 24.

    Warning: Spoilers and Bad Language!


    (All Redshirts and Android’s Dream posts should be on that page.)

  7. Can’t blame him. I laughed pretty hard over that line myself. When I was finally able to read it without giggling my main thought was, “Yep, still 8 years old.” Followed by more giggling.

  8. AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I couldn’t stop laughing! That was HILARIOUS!!!!! Mark wins the Intraweebs forever!

  9. *Reads first sentence* Okay, that just made my favorite opening sentences list.

    Just got TAD yesterday, so I’m bookmarking that link for later.

  10. @RequiredNot

    If you can’t get past the tatoo, just bring it up and listen while you do something else. Then it won’t distract you. Mark’s reactions are great even when you can’t see them.

  11. I think the beginning of The Android’s Dream is just about the most perfect opening of any book I’ve ever read. You know in a single sentence what the tone of this book will be and whether or not you’ll like it. And watching Mark read it is fantastic.

    I just watched Mark reading chapters 23 and 24 of Redshirts (thanks to Siddhartha for the link). My reaction when I read them was almost identical to his. Again, perfect.

  12. Oh man. I just got to the part where he opened the book, looked at the first sentence, and started laughing, and then…the video froze, and YouTube told me there was an error and I have to try back later. *sigh*

    The gods of the internet are toying with me again! :)

  13. Mark Reads has been reading Tammy’s books a lot the last year or so – which is really flattering to her. Glad to hear he’s giving THE ANDROID’S DREAM a try – though I would have recommended REDSHIRTS or OLD MAN’S WAR if this is his first Scalzi novel, personally….

  14. I have fallen in love with the Protector of the Small series all over again through Mark’s readings of them. I’m thrilled that he’s committed to read ALL of Ms. Pierce’s books. (He’s already done Redshirts, BTW, as well as Shadow War of the Night Dragons, Book One: The Dead City)

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