Redshirts is Audible’s “Daily Deal” For 9/9/13

And that means you can pick it up for $2.95, which is a ridiculously low price. Even if you’ve read it before, it’s worth picking up for the awesome narration skills of Wil Wheaton. Here’s the link.

(Before you ask, as far as I know it’s for the US only. I know, I know. Sorry, the whole rest of the planet.)

29 Comments on “Redshirts is Audible’s “Daily Deal” For 9/9/13”

  1. Oh wow! The audiobook is how I “read” Redshirts. I started listening to it on a day off when my wife and son were away and I listened to the entire book in one big go. It was that good, I just had no interest in stopping. So yeah, I *highly* recommend jumping on this deal if you don’t already have the audiobook. And if you can – I think Canadian customers can avail themselves of audibles daily deals too…but I might be totally wrong about that.

  2. …and purchased. I have a 7.5 mile run scheduled for next Saturday. I already own the book, but this will be great listening material.

  3. I bought a copy even though I’ve already read the book and have bought two ebook copies (one given to a friend). Happy to run the numbers up for both Scalzi and Wheaton.

  4. Sold! Because Wil Wheaton. Also, I read Redshirts a year ago and was toying with the idea of a reread. This way, it will be a new experience.

  5. If only there were some sort of meme image to properly express my feelings on this matter! Perhaps one urging the viewer to silence and exhorting him or her to accept my pecuniary offerings. Alas, that we do not live in a universe where such a triumph of artistic expression exists…

  6. Bought. Out of curiosity, do you see a penny of royalties from such a deeply discounted special sale?

  7. Uh. Yeah. Had to buy this one. I read it for the Hugos, but I really want to hear Wil’s take on it. Thanks for pointing this out, John!

  8. Anyone hear of any issues transferring the audiobook to a flash drive? I have three computers that I use (work, home, traveling), so I could just keep it on my keychain, right?

  9. Already own it in audio format. But it makes for a good random gift so I sent a couple off to friends and family. Thanks for giving me the heads up – I don’t check audible nearly often enough I suspect.

  10. Thanks for the head’s up. In light of your well-deserved Hugo win, I’ve been wanting to re-read the book, but alas, my mother has my copy. I’m re-listening to Wil reading Ready Player One during my train commute, and I’m looking forward to hearing him read Redshirts next.

  11. Owch! As a Canadian user, I get the graphic saying it’s a daily deal, but the checkout is still full price! Yet I have a credit, so…..

    I love Redshirts.

  12. The only thing I regret is that I already have it. I’ve shared it on FB with a high recommendation though! Trying to figure out if I can gift it….

    Blue Jay – Since Audible books are DRM protected, you can’t carry it around as an MP3 file, However it is Whispersync-enabled, which means whichever Audible app you are using to listen to it, it will remember where you left off.

  13. I paid full Audible price a few months back, so. . . . damn . . . . but I enjoyed the hell out of it anyway, so it was worth it. And the price went to a good cause anyway (Scalzi Fund). Recommended at discounted or full price.

  14. I’m actually listening to Metatropolis at the moment so grabbed this.

    Any reason you first three Old Man War books aren’t available on Audible outside of the US? Eg to most of the planet. Nice of them to reduce your possible sales on these. Very nice

  15. Woooo! Purchased, although significant guilt felt for paying sooooo little! Thanks for the heads-up :)

  16. Aw, man. It was only a little after 9pm on the west coast, but the deal was already off. (Also, WTF Amazon? Your headquarters are an hour from my house. How are you not on west coast time?)

  17. I was intending to give Redshirts a miss, since it doesn’t seem like my type of thing. But a bargain-priced audiobook made me give in :D

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