2013 Hugo Ceremony Now Up at Ustream

The whole thing! See it all! In glorious stream-o-vision! The entire ceremony is pretty good, thanks to the skilled toastmastery of Paul Cornell.

Or, if you are only interested in the parts in which I feature, the Seiun Awards are given out at 00:25:16 (and I do my acceptance speech at 00:27:15), and the Hugo Award for Best Novel bit starts at 02:24:25 (and I — spoiler! — get my name called at 02:26:20).

I gotta tell you, watching the Best Novel section made me twitchy all over again. I mean, I know how it turned out, so it wasn’t like the suspense was killing me. But just watching it dropped me right back into the moment. Lots of adrenaline and sitting very very still. Yeah, it’s nerve-wracking. But in this case, totally worth it.

20 Comments on “2013 Hugo Ceremony Now Up at Ustream”

  1. You need to click on the link, not the picture. Based on my experience though, the video doesn’t stream much better than the jpeg.

  2. Stanley Schmidt looks familiar (I read his badges). start RANT And! Annoying thing. Clicking on screen two takes that feed out of full screen mode on screen one*. Had that problem with Media Player Classic here ( http://codecguide.com/download_k-lite_codec_pack_mega.htm ), solved it in the settings but the fine flash player settings are all ‘can’t find camera’ and ‘ask when a site wants to use the camera.’ end RANT and sorry.
    And sigh. the video won’t unpause. F5. okay. Judging by the faces onstage with you you did great.

    *going by the re-size artifacts when seeing this at 1080 tall, this is about a 960 pixel tall video.

  3. @bryan.
    What you need for good streaming video play is:
    1) A site that can give you the data fast enough.
    2) A connection that can give you the data fast enough.
    3, 4, 5) a computer that has the oomph to ask for the data, turn that data into 30 FPS, and move those pictures to your screen.
    6) Parable: A bottleneck I had a while ago was a POS antivirus software that scanned encrypted and compressed data for matches to its database of evil things. This one, (and several others back all that long ago) Said “[Oh, shit shit shit this is evil oh god you are going to die and we will save you!] from deleting all files in the recycle bin.
    The POS actually got hysterical about me deleting files.

  4. Who was the Pat Rothfuss look-alike the camera zoomed to during the ‘island of misfit toys’ bit? And is there any further reason people laughed beyond the wonderfully epic beard and t-shirt amid suits and gowns?

  5. [Deleted because responding to a deleted tweet. No worries, Blackadder, you can still comment otherwise – JS]

  6. Okay, got it to work. Most fun watching the big moment. Not sure if that was a kiss or if she was giving you the breath of life, because you looked a bit staggery when you stood up. But it managed to get you up to the podium fine.

  7. Who is that on stage with you? I’d like to [phrase I find inappropriate but which I assume Jerry didn’t mean anything by – JS]….

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