This morning I wrote on Twitter:

To which Greg Pak created the following hashtag:

Aaaaaand then we were off to the races. A curated selection of #UnFactCheckedScalzi tweets:

These all seem reasonable. This one, however:

Well. That’s just nonsense.

54 Comments on “#UnFactCheckedScalzi”

  1. What, nobody’s suggested yet that your tears can cure cancer – too bad you have never cried?

    Guess Chuck Norris still has that on you….

  2. So, help the poor Luddite: Was the dude who got your basic facts wrong also on Twitter? I’m missing a link here.

  3. I’ve already thanked you on Twitter, but I also wanted to thank you here, John. Thank you for signed hardcover copy #608/1000 of The Mallet.

    I’m already at page 153, and loving it. :)

  4. So my husband comes in and says, there’s this whole Twitter thing today of silly unfactchecked Scalzi facts. I said, oh he probably started that himself. Does that count as an unfactchecked Scalzi fact? Or is it only on Twitter?

  5. I think Kowal is on to something. Why do you really NEED a lawn bigger than most city blocks? And why else would you be willing to maintain it?

  6. Anton’s tweet pwns all.

    DID YOU OR DID YOU NOT KILL JFK, MR. SCALZI?????? I have photos documenting your presence at his assassination! Of course, the Ninth Doctor and Captain Kirk are in them as well, but…

  7. Ellen, there’s a law in Ohio that any property transactions outside of municipal boundaries must occur in five acre increments.

  8. Anton Strout: “The @scalzi is the heat unit used to measure the exact burning temperature of the unchecked internet troll #unfactcheckedscalzi”

    The actual value of this unit desperately needs to be fact-checked. Repeatedly.

    Although I was under the perhaps-mistaken impression that @scalzi is the per-square-inch impact of the Mallet of Loving Correction.

  9. Excellent! The tweet from Mary Robinette Kowal made me laugh aloud. Not that you have a ghost writer (or a ‘slew’ of dead ghost writers) or anything.

    Most fitting that Wayne Basta(“Stop”) should be the last word.

  10. @bearpaw I think we should start using the “scalzi” to measure the heat-radius of any troll, and, maybe… “sca-mal” for the other?

  11. Is it just me or does this strike anyone else ‘writers have jobs where they sit by themselves with no one to talk to all day long and need some kind of distraction or they will go nuts’.

    it has to get kind of lonely and isolating having a job where you are by yourself all day long.

  12. I hear he gets up to 50k visitors to his blog daily #unfactcheckedscalzi

    [Note: This is actually fact-checked and has been for years, which is something that people who accuse me of lying about this notation of mine always seem to conveniently forget everytime they bring it up, which is often, it appears. Also, Nate needs to up his game if he really wants to be a first-class troll. Sorry, Nate! Try harder! (Actually, don’t; I’ll just Mallet you) – JS]

  13. [Deleted because it’s off topic and Nate, as is common with the “he’s lying about his stats!” crowd, apparently doesn’t understand what the term “up to” means. Run along, Nate, and go be willfully obtuse elsewhere – JS]

  14. [Deleted because still off topic, and Nate still doesn’t appear to understand what “up to” means, nor does he appear to have read the actual piece which discusses the site stats. In short: Lots of stupid in a small space. Also, Nate, you’ve been told to leave the thread. Leave it – JS]

  15. [Nate, who is too stupid to take direction, and whose attempt to “factcheck” me is largely indistinguishable from my post about my site stats, is now in the moderation queue. How brave of him, however, to uncover the truth, which has been on the site for years. Go run and tell all your friends of your victory, Nate. No doubt they will be impressed – JS]

  16. Nate will take this back to RHDS’s site as a badge of honor, conveniently forgetting about the numerous times you didn’t “ban him for disagreeing with you”. But that’s what sycophants do.

  17. @ Guess:

    It strikes me as a writer’s equivalent of idle doodling — something that’s easy and fun to do as a break from the hard stuff.

  18. @ Mr. Scalzi: Maybe you should insert a “three-strikes-and-you’re-Kittened” policy?

  19. @ Greg Leon Guerrero Most fitting that Wayne Basta(“Stop”) should be the last word.

    Oh, but it wasn’t at all! It’s just the last one that Scalzi included in this post. The hashtag has been merrily hashing along all day, with surprisingly few repeats of the same jokes, except for the one about Reno.

    The most recent items include:

    “Every mention of @scalzi summons more churros from the deep abyss”

    “And on the first day, God said, “let there be Light.” But there wasn’t. @scalzi stole all the light bulbs.”

    “On moonless nights, @scalzi tears up the internet — no, the interSTATE — and eats the detour signs.” (This just caused Mary Robinette Kowal to get lost.)

  20. @scalzi never taped bacon to his cat, but he talked about doing it, and people talked about him talking about doing it, so now everyone believes he actually did it.

  21. You got it wrong, Greg… @scalzi once taped a stegasaurus, wrapped in bacon, to his cat! #unfactcheckedscalzi

    That was about the time tapes went out and CD’s came in.

    @scalzi never taped bacon to his cat, but he talked about doing it, and people talked about him talking about doing it, so now everyone believes he actually did it.

    There’s no proof either way because the tapes were erased…

  22. I’m shocked. Shocked I say, that you don’t run your own life.

    How embarrassing.

    For the disgruntled who have achieved what?

  23. @scalzi, @chucknorris, and @themostinterestingmanintheworld walked into a bar. The rest is epic.

  24. I suspect there is one dudebro sympathizer who’s gonna actually believe MRK’s — or would if she wasn’t a girl, of course.

    Also, Ghlaghghee would never stand for having a stegosaurus taped to her.

  25. Ghlaghghee? Stegosaurus? Clearly I have missed something.

    Ghlagh’ghee bâkun!

  26. I have unconfirmed reports that Mr. Scalzi is either a deity (called Scalzi, or Awesomeness, depending on whether one is talking about the human form or the personality/power of Mr. Scalzi) or, possibly, the character Hoid from Brandon Sanderson’s books. I’ve heard it both ways.

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