Sunset, 9/13/13

There’s a reason this is called “the golden hour.”

Hey, you know what? This has been a really good day. Thanks, folks.

7 Comments on “Sunset, 9/13/13”

  1. Golden.
    And “Sacré Bleu: A Comedy d’Art by Christopher Moore” wherein I learned something about the old masters using blue when I thought that black (or a really, really dark grey) wouldn’t have looked odd to me.
    I very much hope that I don’t get bored enough to do any fact checking on that use of blue for black. I mean, it’s generally a really bad idea to fact check a fiction book.

  2. Since today was a pretty nice day, we won’t remember that it was Friday the Thirteenth, and it was actually a really nice day. We’d only remember it if it had been a terrible day, ’cause that’s how confirmation bias works.

    But I had a nice day, too, and I’m glad it went well for you as well!

  3. Beautiful pic, and I’m getting a distinct Thus Spake Zarathustra vibe…eyes peeled for warring bands of apes in the yard, sir.

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