Electronic Version of The Mallet of Loving Correction Now Available

I noted it on Twitter the other day but not here, which is, frankly, inexplicable, so:  Hey! The electronic edition of The Mallet of Loving Correction is now available! Here it is on Amazon, B&N and Kobo. It’s also available on Amazon in Canada and UK and Germany, and probably other places as well but I didn’t check. Point is, it’s out and about. And pretty cheap, too: $5, or close to $5 US in other countries. Get it! (Unless you want the beautiful signed, limited hardcover. In which case, get that.)

By John Scalzi

I enjoy pie.

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@timeliebe: From the amazon page: Simultaneous Device Usage: Unlimited. That’s the indicator that there’s no DRM involved.

Off to grab the ebook too, so I don’t have to risk my lovely limited edition while reading and eating dinner. :)

Sadly, the epub edition, at least for B&N, is horribly formatted. There are NO chapter stops — not even a Midpoint — and it frequently skips over pages and then repeats the next one. Which then throws everything else off, causing you to have to type in page numbers in that range and hoping to come across the missing ones and then hope to get back to where you were.

Which impedes the flow of the prose something awful.

It’s THE worst-formatted book I’ve ever gotten for Nook, and that includes a bunch of self-published freebies. They at least have a Midpoint marking and often a proper table of contents, and their page skip/repeats aren’t as frequent.

Someone at the publisher screwed up, BADLY. It needs to be reformatted and re-uploaded.

“Worst. Pagination. Ever.”

The email version of this post said you’ve got an “electronic version of the mallet”. I assume that means you can mallet people farther away now? Cool, there are lots of people who need it.

Oh. Nevermind.

Is there going to be a paperback version? If so, I’llwait for that. Although I have an ebook reader, I prefer books Iin the hand. I suppose that marks me as hopelessly old fashioned, sigh.

I’ll share that the hardcover from SubPress is absolutely beautiful. It even taught me a little about books. To make this post this I needed to know what the part of the book is that joins the front and back covers to the pages. I learned that this paper is called the Endpaper and it joins the Case (cover) to the Signatures (pages). The Endpaper in this book is beautiful. Many publishers just slap in white paper or maybe something with color; but they don’t even come close to this level of quality. This paper obviously cost extra, is distinct and tells the reader that time effort and thought went into making what they are holding.

John produced great content and William Schafer delivered it in a beautiful package.

Kudos and thanks to both.

The signed hard cover is beautiful. I got it two weeks ago and started reading. Finished this week. I took some time to think about some of the articles. Which I think was some of the point to publishing them.

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