Last Sunset of Summer, 2013

Because tomorrow is the autumnal equinox. One of the interesting things about where I live is that on (or in this case near) exquinoxes, the sun sets directly over the street on which I live. It makes for nice photos.

A couple more from this evening:

So long, summer 2013. You were pretty good to me. Thanks.

28 Comments on “Last Sunset of Summer, 2013”

  1. I understand that their is a word for how things get smaller in the distance. Parallel lines becoming a point.
    I’ve nothing to say about how that road and those power lines vanishing into the sunset represents an epic struggle involving the need to escape the bondage’s of being able to read after the sun goes down.
    Or maybe something about power.

  2. That’s what you get when you live in township and range territory. You can thank Thomas Jefferson.

  3. Beautiful. Just for the record, we had a beautiful sunset here in Fresno this evening, too. After some rain. And in the wind. The summer weather has finally broken, just in time to welcome autumn.

  4. Long, hot, lousy summer in hell. Good riddance.

    And autumn is starting with rain and a soggy newspaper.

    On the bright side, I have a ton of paperwork to slog through ;-)

  5. Gorgeous shots – my wife and I have driven through Ohio a few times on trips in the US and it is quite a beautiful state in parts.

    All dogs are beautiful.

  6. The sun setting in line with your road at equinoxes means it runs due east-west. Nice pictures, anyhow.

  7. That looks like some sort of thought balloon over Daisy’s head- is she planning her career as an evil overlord? (overlordess? overladdy?)

  8. Pam Adams: The text in that thought balloon is to blurry too read so either yes, and the thoughts are encrypted, or no; no thoughts is what I’d expect from a doggie (or me) that’s having a pleasant sit down and is doing nothing.

  9. Lovely photos.

    However, I must respectfully disagree: yesterday was not the endofsummer/beginningofautumn, but the middle of autumn. i’ve believed this for years by the following logic…

    -summer/winter solstice has, for centuries, been known as mid-(summer|winter) day.

    -therefore, the equinoxes are mid-(spring|autumn) day–half way between the other two. these four ‘quarter days’ mark the astronomical transitions of the sun through the sky.

    -for the true beginning/end of the seasons, google “cross-quarter days”. Here is just one link from the Ohio State Astronomy Department: