My Local Bookstore is the Coolest


Note the nifty display. That’s hometown pride for you. And look! Stephen King is my understudy!

28 Comments on “My Local Bookstore is the Coolest”

  1. Awesome! Congratulations, Mr. Scalzi! You are officially an order of magnitude more awesome than Stephen King.

  2. Isn’t that just like that King fellow, trying to sneak into the display of an established writer . Seriously, oh Esteemed Host, this is majorly cool.

  3. Congrats. Redshirts doesn’t look like my cup of tea. However, I may have to read Agent to the Stars.

    Also, if they’re gonna make a display shouldn’t they have more than 4 copies? Call your suppliers!

  4. You’ve been very nice to them, and they’d be pretty fracking ungrateful if they didn’t post something congratulatory.

    I doubt, however, if they would put up a huge display like this if they weren’t pretty confident that it will draw in customers. Bravo!

  5. Hi John, was that a real copy of King’s book, or just a jacket on display? Amazon says the book doesn’t come out till 24 September, Tuesday.

  6. Pox Vay, I’ve read and enjoyed most of Scalzi’s work, and Agent To The Stars remains my favorite to re-read. Although I am now gazing at the prize which arrived in today’s mail: my signed hardback The Mallet of Loving Correction 2008-2012, so it’s possible ATTS may not keep that title. (Since I follow this blog, does my first read of TMOLC count as a re-read?)

  7. Is this the bookstore where you do your holiday signings?

    I am glad your relationship is mutually profitable.

  8. Pox Vay:

    I’m sure they have more than the copies on display in the window. That’s the whole point of window displays, to draw you in, and then you’ll find *other* books you want to take home, as well.

    (Though window displays in second-hand bookstores seem to operate by different rules…)

  9. Hooray for hometown and indie bookstores! I worry for the future of bookselling based on my last few trip to large, corporatish book behemoth’s who, honestly, would appear challenged to merchandise their way out of wet paper bag.