My Local Bookstore is the Coolest


Note the nifty display. That’s hometown pride for you. And look! Stephen King is my understudy!

By John Scalzi

I enjoy pie.

28 replies on “My Local Bookstore is the Coolest”

Congrats. Redshirts doesn’t look like my cup of tea. However, I may have to read Agent to the Stars.

Also, if they’re gonna make a display shouldn’t they have more than 4 copies? Call your suppliers!

Pox Vay, I’ve read and enjoyed most of Scalzi’s work, and Agent To The Stars remains my favorite to re-read. Although I am now gazing at the prize which arrived in today’s mail: my signed hardback The Mallet of Loving Correction 2008-2012, so it’s possible ATTS may not keep that title. (Since I follow this blog, does my first read of TMOLC count as a re-read?)

Pox Vay:

I’m sure they have more than the copies on display in the window. That’s the whole point of window displays, to draw you in, and then you’ll find *other* books you want to take home, as well.

(Though window displays in second-hand bookstores seem to operate by different rules…)

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