Off to Buy Shoes

Because that’s the sort of exciting life I lead. See you all tomorrow.

15 Comments on “Off to Buy Shoes”

  1. Coastal cleanup this morning, now watching VT football and then kids soccer games. Good luck getting shoes!

  2. The Internet requests that you post a photo of the shoes. With bacon taped to them.

    ( seems to be taken, though)

  3. My sons are not at all into shopping for clothing, but they both like the shoe store and get very excited about new shoes.

  4. Wear pumps for charity and start another deeply stupid dudebro apocalypse. Or dudebro apoplexy, which would be even better.

  5. The suspense is killing me! Will John Scalzi make it to the shoe shop? Will he mange to find a pair of shoes to his liking? What colour will they be? What size of shoes does John Scalzi use? Will he buy one or two pairs of shoes? Will he get back from the ordeal, unscathed? Will it snow and will tiny snow-monsters be hiding in the snow, waiting to ambush him when he gets back? Will his internet still be working when he gets inside? I need to know!

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