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A Reminder Regarding Off-Topic Comments

Which is: When you have the urge to post a comment that is off-topic to the conversational thread, don’t. Per the comment policy, I will likely delete it or at the very least sigh exasperatedly and be very cross. You don’t want me to be very cross at you. Because then I get like this. […]

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Boehner’s Primary Challenger

Many of you know that I live in Speaker of the House John Boehner’s congressional district of OH-8, and that Boehner’s got the seat probably for as long as he wants it — he’s been in it for 22 years, and it’s been held by a Republican since 1939. But it may interest political junkies […]

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Lauren Beukes Presents The Spark

A couple of months ago, Lauren Beukes, author of several fantastic books and recent winner of the Clarke Award, contacted me about wanting to do something similar to The Big Idea for her home country of South Africa. I told her I thought this was a great idea and encouraged her to do it, albeit […]

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Strange Horizons: Why You Should Support It

Back in 2001 a small online science fiction magazine became my very first publisher of my science fiction: Strange Horizons. Then, as now, the magazine was funded by contributions — and right now the magazine is having its annual fund raising drive to generate the budget for the next year. I’m giving SH editor-in-chief some […]

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