Popular Science Kills Online Comments

Because they’ve discovered that trolls and jackasses in comment threads actively work against people taking science seriously.

Per this earlier discussion of comments, I think Popular Science is probably doing the right thing. The site doesn’t benefit from hosting dis-and-misinformers, and such folks are becoming more persistent and possibly more organized. Best to punt them entirely. They have their own places to stew; let them stew there. In the meantime the information in the articles will speak for itself.

New Books and ARCs, 9/24/13

Here are the books and ARCs that arrived at the Scalzi Compound in the last couple of days. See anything here that rings your bell? Tell everyone in the comments!

Hey! Have an Open Promotional Thread!

I’m writing things not on the Internet today, so while I’m doing that, I’m opening up this comment thread for you to tell everyone about what you think is cool and worth checking out, online or off. Could be a Web site, could be new music, could be a book or story or some crafty type of thing. Could be yours, could be a friend’s, could be someone you don’t know but think are doing awesome stuff. Whatever it is, share it with the crowd.

Note that if you do more than a couple of links in a comment, you might get the message punted into the moderation queue. I’ll be checking that queue from time to time today (even from the air — you can do that now) to release those messages, so don’t panic if it doesn’t immediately post. I recommend one link per comment, and making more than one comment if you have more than one thing to suggest.

So: what do you want to tell people about today? Share it in the comment thread!