New Books and ARCs, 9/24/13

Here are the books and ARCs that arrived at the Scalzi Compound in the last couple of days. See anything here that rings your bell? Tell everyone in the comments!

42 Comments on “New Books and ARCs, 9/24/13”

  1. Purely based on titles, I’ll be looking up “A Highly Unlikely Scenario” and “Darkbeast Revolution” at my local library.

  2. I’ve not read Once in a Blue Moon, but Green’s Blue Moon Rising is one of my favorite books. :)


    I need the Sanderson like a cocaine addict needs a quick fix–I can get a bigger dose in March, when Words of Radiance comes out. I NEED that book…

    The rest: I’ll need to try them out someday, but after I get my Sanderson fix.

    Ghlagh’ghee bâkùn and Scalzi ftagn, all! I’m off to read.

  4. Hmm. Judging on the bindings alone, Book of Iron has a pretty cover but looks a little lightweight, Darkbeast Rebellion is in an unfortunate font but otherwise looks promising, I’d proably pick up The Diamond Deep even though it’s a little too brown, Steelheart would be more compelling with a less obvious design, and The Osiris Curse and The Lost Stars probably aren’t my thing.

  5. The Diamond Deep — I know nothing about the book or the author, but I do like the title very much.

  6. I first read that as “Blood Felations” and was wondering what sort of literature you were branching out into.

    The new Sanderson seems to be a no brainer. Unlike the usual slew, most of these make me want to know more.

  7. I read Building Harlequin’s Moon by Brenda Cooper and Larry Niven, and liked it a lot, so the idea of another book by Cooper, The Diamond Deep, sounds promising. And I’m sure I’ll love Steelheart, even though descriptions of it don’t really grab me. That’s been the way with a lot of Sanderson’s books for me; I put off reading them because they don’t blurb well, but then the novels turn out to be awesome. I’ve learned to just trust that they will be.

  8. John, you ever read a Science Fiction or Fantasy book you like so much that you just want to recommend it? You’re no longer the President of SFWA so it wouldn’t be inappropriate to recommend it here. And yes, I know you have “The Big Idea” where authors can pitch their own work; but it’d be nice to hear what’s on Scalzi’s reading list.

  9. I would be envious of the Steelheart except I raided my local Barnes & Noble yesterday and got my grubby little paws on a copy.

    Alan, I don’t even bother reading the blurbs for Sanderson books. I just read the books and life is good.

  10. You’re definitely the clever one between us, Sarah the Slightly Mad. I should go ahead and do the same thing. The blurbs for Sanderson’s books never do anything except slow me down, when I could be enjoying his (inevitably great) writing right away!

  11. I signed up with the Gollancz Geek programme (run from their UK site, but it may be open to the rest of the world?), and got lucky when they sent me a review copy of Steelheart.

    I started taking careful notes as I went but got caught up in the story enough that I don’t seem to have taken any for the last few chapters.

  12. I love that this pile is, er, bookended by Iron and Steel. If I didn’t know better, I’d think you might have done that on purpose!

  13. Raises hand – I know, I know — ARC is Advance Reading Copy. Books like “A Highly Unlikely Scenario”, which looks like it won’t be available until January for those of us not on publisher’s review list.

  14. Wow. A new Blue Moon novel. That’s unexpected. Green rarely disappoints and his Blue Moon/Hawk and Fisher stuff is a personal favorite.

    Of course I’m excited about Steelheart, but I knew that was coming. I’ve just started checking out Elizabeth Bear, so I’m not sure yet whether I’m excited of that or not

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