Hungarian Cover of Zoe’s Tale

Very much in keeping with the previous covers from this publisher. It looks pretty good, I have to say.

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  1. I miss Hungary. And Hungarian.

    I may have to try and snag some of these…

  2. nwharrisbooks – Born and raised in a small town in north Georgia, my imagination evolved under the swaying pines surrounding my family's log home. On summer days that were too hot, winter days that were too cold, and every night into the wee hours I read books. My face was rarely seen, always hidden behind a binding. I was nurtured on fiction. Now it is my turn to create some of my own. I live in sunny southern California with my beautiful wife and two perfect children (I may be biased). I write like I read, constantly. I studied anthropology at UCSB and medicine at SUNY Buffallo.

    I love it John!

  3. Very Cool. My favorite one is still the dust jacket by Vincent Chong of Subterranean Press. That’s just the way I pictured the Obin and Zoe.

  4. barbrowe – Texas – I live in Texas, am married and spend most of my time writing and painting. I have a poetry book out, three Children's books and one Non-fiction-humor book of short stories coming out soon. I write Romance novels as well. I love cooking so much I have a baking business on the side. It inspires me to continue doing what I do when I can. My hope is to touch even just one person with my work. I look forward to getting to know my readers and would appreciate any input, good or bad, they may have pertaining to my work.

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  5. @McKenna: Oh please, don’t miss Zoe’s Tale because of a bad experience with Ender. She’s a delightful character, full of snark and clever, and the book has heart-filling and heart-breaking moments. Plus she’s a teenager–no way the story her parents know (>i>The Last Colony) is complete…

  6. Gorgeous! That’s the second cover I’ve seen in the last 10 minutes that has to go in my “Favorite Covers” gallery on LibraryThing. (The other is Tina Connolly’s new UK Ironskin cover.)
    I love that SF&F publishers the world over are still willing to put the effort into making beautiful covers!

  7. Great cover!

    Does anyone have a link for the rest of the covers from that publisher? I tried googling “agave press” and “agave press scalzi”, but the only relevant match seemed to be this article…

  8. Nice. I was at Tesco in Budaörs a couple weeks ago waiting for my hair cut appointment and I killed time in the little book store there. They had Ghost Brigades and Last Colony. It was all I could do to not buy them. Now this. I’ll just have to get all 3.

    I didn’t pick them up because I’ve been very bad at being disciplined with my Hungarian lessons and I still can’t read my copy of Old Man’s War – which my wife reminds me about regularly. So if I showed up with the rest of the series before I’ve even read the first she would give me a lot of grief.

  9. @ JR, just dont give up ;-) You may even go for the commercially unavailable, but still existing Kindle versions (in Hungarian I mean), and pair them with the proper dictionary (also existing). Maybe it is easier to read this way.

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