Running Errands and/or Fighting Crime

You decide which fits your image of me better. Point is, I’m outta here for now. Catch you later.

32 Comments on “Running Errands and/or Fighting Crime”

  1. Imagining you in a Superman costume as you do your errands.

    Although the “S” here would stand for “Scalzi”

    Anybody want to take a shot at this using Photoshop?

  2. Don’t see you much as the “take down a guy with a gun” or “hunt a thousand clues to expose the corporate vampire” kind of guy.

    You fight your fights against evil in a more sociological fashion. So, given the choices, I’m going with shopping.

  3. I can see the list now…
    – 1 percent milk
    – Spare cape to drycleaners
    – Bacon
    – More bacon
    – Bring socket wrench
    – Disassemble Dr. Octopus

  4. I think that if you were really fighting crime, you wouldn’t talk about it and you would have a blog bot set up that would post pictures of sunrises, sunsets, and your pets at appropriate intervals.

  5. @Robert Enders, you should check out James Howlett’s blog. He’s got quite the thing for Kittys and Crocheting.

  6. @ Scorpy: One of the superheroes in the book I’m writing does. He makes cool gadgets and giant supersuits and uses them to stop crime dramatically.

    @ Our Lord Host, May His Name Be Praisèd: I think I just saw you on the news as a giant pink rage monster called The Kitten Setting, pounding an annoying, purple-skinned guy with a big scary gauntlet called RSHD in front of the Empire State Building while dudebros on flying jet skis fought Loki in the streets. Plus, I think that the Avengers are too busy suing your alter ego for copyright infringement to actually save anybody.

    Praise the Mallet! Scalzi ftagn!

  7. Depends on if the local supervillians take weekends off. Some of us like having a day or two a week where we can put aside the death ray plans and buy cereal, clean our lairs, and play Angry Birds.

  8. Both!

    You’re going out to fight crime, but your wife has told you that while you’re there you might as well run a few errands too.

  9. He’s a sarcastic science fiction writer. She’s his well-armed teenage daughter. They fight crime!

  10. Bald spot + pot belly = awesome seekrit identity.
    Srsly, your definition of superhero is pretty limiting.

  11. San Francisco’s having the second annual Superhero Street Fair today. Costs $10 to get in if you’re in costume, $20 if you’re dressed as Clark Kent. So if you were out here, you could easily be running errands dressed as a superhero.

    And as far as the dude who said real superheros don’t have bald spots goes, why do you think so many of their costumes cover their heads? (An entirely shaved head is also an option, but that’s usually for Villains instead.)

  12. “” (An entirely shaved head is also an option, but that’s usually for Villains instead.)””

    Why? Do DC and Marvel cartoonists have a hair fetish? Why not a bald super-hero? ” ‘The Dome’, fighting crime and shining as he does it. His secret identity as a barber at Quantico is the ideal base for rooting out corruption. ”

    Okay, yeah, this is gonna take more coffee…

  13. Agent Coulson. Tuesday, every week, ABC.

    Agent Coulson isn’t a superhero; he’s a life model deco….

    I’ve said too much already.

  14. HOW DO YOU KNOW THAT, SCORPY????? Huh? Maybe they modded him while he was out–that would explain the inhumanly fast backwards dodge he makes in the end of the pilot.

    Also, he’s a superhero. He shot Loki Lie-smith, Norse god of treachery and deception, with a supermegabadsupra-awesome fire gun. He counts.

  15. Actually, Loki only THOUGHT he killed Coulson. Kitty Pryde, Agent of S.H.I.E.L.D., (damn, typing those periods are getting annoying) quickly stepped in and phased Phil before Loki could strike.

  16. Scorpy, that is quite possibly the first constructive, inventive, and worthwhile thing that I have seen you say here. I am impressed. Well done.