And Here’s a Stick Bug Just Hanging Out on the Side of My Garage

You know. Like you do. I don’t know why this thing surprised me when I saw it; I think I just assumed stick bugs didn’t live in Ohio. Surprise! I was wrong.

By John Scalzi

I enjoy pie.

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We found a watermelon in our garden this morning, and I don’t think they grow in Berkshire (England). Some hidden hand had sliced one end off and then placed the 20-pound remnant there for our delight. This may be the vegetable equivalent of finding a horse’s head in the bed.

I’m a bit north of you, around Ann Arbor, and I’ve seen them here too. When I moved it from the garage door to the sand cherry nearby, he took two steps and I couldn’t find him anymore, so it’s not too surprising that we just don’t realize that they’re there.

I used to say the same thing about praying mantises in Iowa, but they’ve been ALL OVER this summer. Some of those America-hating hippie scientist types have been alleging that insect species have been on the move as the mid-band states have experienced warmer year-round climates. The national parks out west have apparently had unprecedented bumper crops of hornets and yellowjackets.

As you may or may not (especially if you did not see the film) remember, one of these was an integral part of the film version of “Master and Commander”. One of the better – IMO – adaptations of a novel, even though it actually combined parts of a couple of the books in Patrick O’Brian’s series.

– Tom –

We lived in Greenville, next to the park, for a couple of years. It was the buggiest place I ever lived. We saw all kinds of bizarre insects there. Stick bugs and praying mantises were the least of it. I swear some of those damned things looked like they came from THE MIST. I figured all these weird mutant bugs were being chased off local farmland by pesticides, and fleeing into Greenville (and, specifically, the park).

But anyway, yes, Virginia, there are stick bugs in Darke County, Ohio.

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