And Now: Gamma Rabbit, the Hand Puppet

Seriously, how adorable is that. Handcrafted by Whatever commenter Stringmonkey. Well done, I say. Well done.

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  1. Not only splendiferous, but as he wields the Mallet, a reminder that certain creatures can’t get their terminology straight. Remember, the gammas are those necessary brave ones who may not get all the rewards, but are there to Take One For the Herd when necessary: the young caribou that leads the wolves away from the rest of the herd, the young baboon that sits up in a tree as leopard bait, the goose that flaps and hisses in the face of the Rottweiler so that the rest of the flock has time to organize its defenses.

    And here he stands, brave, well-knitted, and purple, with the Mallet he needs to hold the bridge from Troll Country.

  2. This is fabulous! Way to go Stringmonkey! I especially love the pic with the mallet…now, is this a one-of-a-kind, or are you making more?

  3. I’m glad y’all like it. Though I had great fun with him, knitting a whole warren would be tedious. Anybody who knits in the round can make one–it’s just a loose, round-topped mitten with two thumbs. The ears were also knit in the round, like glove fingers, and loosely stuffed to make them stand up.

    My husband turned the mallet from a scrap of cherry a few years ago. It’s aged beautifully.

  4. It’s adorable.

    John, I thought you were really owning it when you wore the gamma rabbit t-shirt. Knitted purple sock monkey? That’s not just owning it, that’s owning the people who’ve been beating on you. Good on ya, mate!

  5. Stringmonkey, I believe you win ALL THE INTERNETS today.

    Adorable, well-crafted, and I love his “more in sorrow than in anger” mallet-wielding.

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