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The Big Idea: John Barnes

It’s a lot, to contemplate the end of civilization as we know it. John Barnes knows this for truth, as he’s been ending the world over the three books of the “Daybreak” series, of which The Last President is the latest. But the end of civilization isn’t just an event — it’s a process. Barnes […]

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The Hugo, At Home

Winning a Hugo is great but getting it home if you’re not a local can be a pain — they’re not well-sized for carry-on, and good luck convincing TSA that the rocket is not a bomb. Shipping was in order. LoneStarCon 3 offered to ship my Hugo to me, but I am an anxious sort […]

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Peter F. Hamilton Has a Charity Auction For You. Yes, YOU.

Peter F. Hamilton, of course, the writer of awesome epic science fiction like Pandora’s Star and The Great North Road. He’s helping a friend out with a charity auction, and I think you’re going to like what you see. Here he is to give you the details. PETER F. HAMILTON: My thanks to John for […]

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Hugo Thoughts, 2013

Now that I’m home, had a good sleep and have generally calmed myself down, some thoughts on Redshirts winning the Hugo Award for Best Novel. * Maybe some people can be cool about winning the Best Novel Hugo, but those people are so not me. When Paul Cornell announced Redshirts as the winner, I pumped […]

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The Big Idea: Gwenda Bond

The path to creation is not always a smooth and drama-free one, especially when deities are involved. Just ask Gwenda Bond about this, and how this idea manifested in her latest novel, The Woken Gods — and how she finally found the right road to her novel’s true form. GWENDA BOND: The Big Idea for […]

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Hey, I Won the Best Novel Hugo.

More details after I am done celebrating. Yay! Update, 2:30am, 9/2/13: I’m going to bed. Tomorrow (actually, today) is a travel day, so there may not be any substantive update. Don’t worry, if I don’t post anything Monday there will be a full report on Tuesday. In the meantime: Wheeee!

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