Sunset in a Pumpkin Sky

Appropriate, given the month.


28 Comments on “Sunset in a Pumpkin Sky”

  1. That’s a pie eating sunset.

    Now I want pumpkin pie.

    *ponders going out for pumpkin pie*

    *realizes there’s no gluten free options, so I’d have to eat the whole thing*

    *ponders if recently gluten sensitive partner’s partner might kill me for this*

  2. I’m a fan of homemade pumpkin pie. However, I must be getting morbid or something – the photo, as pretty as it is, brings to mind the idea that it serves as allegory for my nation.
    If the thought is too depressing, please tell me to shut up and snap out of it. :-)

  3. Last night (at a favorite restaurant) had their special pumpkin pie with their own caramel sauce, vanilla ice cream, and bacon bits. YUM.

  4. Had chicken+pumpkin penang curry last night, approximately that colour. The pumpkin is completely inauthentic, but works well

  5. Absolutely beautiful.

    (Also, pumpkin pie happens to be one of my favorite seasonal foods.)

  6. This Dane kind of envies you for having pumpkin-flavored everything in October. Bring the pumpkin-flavored things to Denmark, so we can try them too!

  7. Pumpkin custard can be made in a pie plate. Follow the pumpkin pie recipe, skip the crust. Ice cream optional.
    Is corn gluten free? Tortilla crust. Mechanics aside a corn crust would be a good match for pumpkin.

  8. A really awesome gluten-free crust for a pumpkin pie involves grinding pecans into “flour” (with, of course, larger chips) and using butter and brown sugar to make a graham-cracker style crust. Please note that if you use this crust to make a pecan pie, you create a pecan black hole that swallows all of your guests. But it’s a tasty way to go.

  9. dpporter:

    Actually, that’s pretty much what came out of the camera. It’s a reminder that the camera “sees” differently than the human eye does.

  10. @Lurkertype: I can’t believe I didn’t think of that song right away. My SIL sang that for a competition, so as soon as you mentioned it, I started humming it…”crash; bam; alacazam…” Thanks for the Nat King Cole link :)

  11. Oh man.
    Now I am wondering how to make a flaky crust with masa harina. The basics of little globs of greased flour flattened out and held together by watered flour should be the same, but corn flour is much thirstier than wheat flour, and adding the wrong amount of ice water when making a wheat flour flaky crust gives me a store bought crust.

  12. @Luna: Probably not. Reason I didn’t is I’m hungry. Everything reminds me of food (I weigh 220 pounds and should weigh 175 and am trying for 210).
    Your icon’s hair looks delicious. May I taste it?

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