Two Notes on November Big Ideas and General Posting Schedules

They are:

1. I’m working on the November Big Idea schedule this week, so if you’ve queried for November, I’ll most likely have an answer to you in the next few days. If you’ve queried for a book that’s come out in October (or, God help you, September) and have not heard back from me, assume that I’m all booked up. Sorry.

2. I’ve got a novel to focus on, so between now and the completion of the novel, I’ll basically be unplugging my computer from the Internet until I meet my daily writing quota. Which means (and I know I’ve said this before, but even so), until the novel’s done, probably very few morning updates, the exception being Big Idea pieces, which will be uploaded the night before and scheduled for release in the morning. I’M SERIOUS THIS TIME REALLY.

(Also, for those asking how this novel is coming along: It’s coming along well, thanks. It’s a tricky plot and I need be sure I’m making all the connections in a way that people don’t get lost — unless that’s my intention, which sometimes it is, in which case I need to make sure that they actually do get lost. It’s that whole “do what you actually intend to do” thing. In any event, I think you’ll like it.)

And now, to work.

16 Comments on “Two Notes on November Big Ideas and General Posting Schedules”

  1. Is it a hilarous novel, like Agent to the Stars? I am just re-reading it, and love it. So more like that would be great, if it fits in with your plans.

  2. Write, John Scalzi, write like the wind…
    Whatever your write is fine by me, even if what your write isn’t whatever.

  3. *you’re writing*
    3 hours sleep in the last 30 hours isn’t doing my writing skills any favors what(so)ever.

  4. nifmom beat me to it.

    Anything that gets me another Scalzi novel sooner is something I’m in favor of.

  5. So what’s it about?
    (I believe this could be a candidate for dumb question of the week ;-) )

    I write as well, but strictly nonfiction. Unplugging the computer might be a mistake – sometimes I find it essential to deliberately withdraw from my writing and do something unrelated and distracting while my brain subconsciously sorts things out.

  6. Hurry, Mr. Scalzi! Your biggest addict under 18 is in desperate need of a fix!

  7. I wouldn’t even know which posts are “morning” posts.

    As far as I can see, your blog posts only have dates (no times). Since I’m over the other side of the world, I see some posts 12-24 hours later…

  8. I generally see posts whenever *I’m* supposed to be working. They just pop up out of nowhere. All on their own! Srsly!!

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