Venus and the Crescent Moon

Because they’re pretty in the sky tonight, that’s why.

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  1. Quite lovely. And thankfully, sailors aren’t delighting, so I don’t have to wonder if this is subtle communist propaganda.

  2. Wow! Your pictures almost make me want to remain in the Midwest instead of moving to one of my dream locations! BTW, I love your blog.

  3. It’s even better than that. That’s a waxing crescent, known as the Bow Moon (aka Diana’s Bow).

    I see it myself, so I know it’s true,
    That Venus meets Diana in the evening blue!

  4. “Venus and the Crescent Moon” – sounds like a pretty decent book title. One by Cat Valente or Paolo Bacigalupi rather than John Scalzi, though.

  5. Bruce C.:

    You clearly haven’t heard of Shadow War of the Night Dragons, Book 2: Venus and the Crescent Moon.

    That’s the book that John is working on now, btw. Really.

  6. I thought it was Shadow War of the Night Dragons, Book 2: Venus and the Crescent Moon: The Encrescenting?

    Maybe just a working title.

  7. John, May I have your permission to print this photo and give it to my daughter for her twentieth birthday? I can add a watermark saying it’s by you if you like. (The reason why – she played Venus (the planet) in a school musical about the solar system when she was in second grade. She BELTED! It was the start of a lifelong love of singing, and music in general. Anyway, I thought this picture would be a nice reminder of her fabulous beginnings – if it’s ok with you.)

  8. Thank you, John. I’m tickled, and I’m hoping she’ll be tickled too. Although with a twenty-year-old it’s hard to tell.

  9. As an avid amateur astronomer, I at first thought I’d hit the wrong book mark and landed on one of my astro sites!! Well done!
    And as I am posting for the first or second time ever, Well Done on the recent Hugo! I have been a fan since discovering OMW this summer.

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