Five Years on WordPress VIP

Today marks the fifth anniversary of my blog being posted on the WordPress VIP service, and once again (as I do annually on the anniversary) I want to commend the WordPress VIP for those folks who want and need absolutely bulletproof service. It’s been so long since I’ve had any sort of backend or server issues that I literally cannot remember when it was, except to say it was definitely before October 8, 2008. There are very few things in the world I can recommend without reservation, and the WordPress VIP service is one of those things.

I’ll also go ahead and note that the standard-issue WordPress service works pretty darn well, too. If you’re someone who wants a blog but doesn’t want to deal with hosting, it’s a much-better-than-decent alternative (and if you do host yourself, you can get the WordPress platform for installation on your server).

Thanks again to the WordPress folks for doing such a fine job keeping my site up and running, year after year, five years straight. I really do appreciate it. And I’m happy to say so, to anyone who wants to know.

8 Comments on “Five Years on WordPress VIP”

  1. You’ve probably answered this before, but, as a casual blogger, when would you recommend moving from non-hosting to a hosting platform? I.e. when are you big enough to go for the VIP service?

  2. I tried going self hosted twice and didn’t like the results. Had too many issues with self hosted and enjoy the ease of

    I’ve started over with a new blog on and don’t think I’ll do the self hosted thing again.

  3. I’ve been on WordPress for a couple years now and am not looking back. The only trouble I’ve had has all been related to the browser (Chrome, you disappoint me again and again).

  4. I decided to look up how much WP-VIP costs, just out of curiosity. If you’re paying even the (lesser) self-hosted amount for this service, I have a new appreciation for how much traffic you get here, and how much revenue it must lead to.

  5. I have a problem with WordPress: nice enough platform – in fact probably superior to Blogger… but, once you have a WP account, any WP blog requires that you comment “using your WordPress account” (or indicating a different e-mail account)

  6. We self-hosted wordpress for a while but for the important sites we moved to – they seem similar to WordPress VIP in that they are hardcore about bulletproof WP hosting. No complaints whatsoever but I guess I should actually price shop again at some point. When a site has been stable and delivering for years you tend to forget the monthly cost.

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