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At Unbearable At-ness of “@”

Over on her LiveJournal, Seanan McGuire talks about people using the “@” symbol in front of her Twitter alias when they talk about her on Twitter and then being surprised that she might respond, despite the fact that “@”-ing someone’s Twitter name explicitly means that your comment will show up in their reply feed — […]

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All Hail Mayonnaise

Thinking of a non-fiction book called SLATHER IT ON: 15 CONDIMENTS THAT CHANGED THE WORLD. Editors, make me offers. — John Scalzi (@scalzi) October 9, 2013 And just in case anyone thinks I couldn’t do it, here’s a piece I did in 1999, in which I crowned mayonnaise as the Condiment of the Millenium: Mayonnaise. […]

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How the Shutdown Affects Me

Question from the gallery: Now that you’ve written about the shutdown, can you tell us how it’s affecting you personally? How will the debt limit issue affect you, if we default? With regard to the shutdown, it’s not really affecting me directly (yet). The only federal government service I use directly on a regular basis […]

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