New Books and ARCs, 10/10/13

A genuinely high-quality stack of books and ARCs today, including new ones from Mira Grant, Richard Kadrey and Robert Silverberg. What flips your lid here? Share in the comments!

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  1. I must read my eARC of Treecat Wars I love Weber. I keep trying to get into my eARC of Parasite but the Tapeworms which makes me sad because Seanan/Mira Grant is a fantastic author.

  2. I didn’t know Seanan had a new book coming out as Mira… pretty excited to hear that!!!

  3. Lee and Miller, although I admit I have read “Dragon Ship” in hardcover. I am intrigued by “Lego Space” which is probably a product of being a Lego fan.

    @Tasha, don’t feel too bad. I love Seanan’s writing, but have never been able to get through a Mira Grant book. I just can’t do horror.

  4. If you don’t want the last two books in that pile, I’ll be happy to take them off your hands. ;)

    I know nothing about the bottom book, but I love lego.

  5. Interesting.. I’m familiar with Lindskold’s works (love her!) but haven’t read any Weber, although I think my spouse has some of his books. I’ll have to check that one out for sure.

  6. I’m going to be different and say Kadrey and McCammon. The Night Boat is a reissue and it is, I think, the only book of his I’ve never read.

  7. OK, is it wrong that I saw the Silverberg and wanted to slip the Twin Peaks OST on the stereo while crying, “It’s dead, and wrapped in plastic!” :)

  8. I don’t use the term “blessed” very often (as I’m not a religious person), but I feel blessed that Silverberg is still writing after all these years. That man has never failed to entertain me. I bet he started writing on an old Underwood typewriter.

  9. “Adventures in Avant-pop” is a title that grasps my attention even though I know nothing about the writer. Had I seen it in a book shop, I’d definitely pick it up and look at the back/read the first page and a random sample somewhere in the book – to see if it’s any good. The colors and the way it’s written is also interesting, in combination with the title.

  10. I read the Lee/Miller in hardback (and am looking forward to Trade Secret, due out in hardcover next month).

    I’m a fan of Jane Lindskold but haven’t read the previous book with Weber. I should go back and do so.

    I also need to go back and catch up on Majipoor before I read the Silverberg. I remember greatly enjoying the first couple of books but didn’t keep up with later ones.

  11. I quite enjoyed “Parasitology”. And I MUST HAVE “Treecat Wars” – Honorverse = auto-buy for me.

  12. Parasite is pretty good. Can’t wait to see what she does in book two. Just got Dark Duets but it will be a bit before I crack it open.

  13. I read Dragon Ship in hardcover and have recently finished Treecat Wars and found both well up to the usual quality I expect from their authors. At my age (76) I probably already have more books by favorite authors upcoming and that I want to reread than I’ll have time to get to, so I’m not really looking for new ones unless something really rings my chimes, which none of the others you show do just looking at spines.

  14. I immediately had to look up details about Lego Space – and then use all off my willpower to not immediately buy it and a few boxes of Legos.

    And Mira Grant’s Parasite Halloween event at Mysterious Galaxy is already circled in my calendar – can’t wait!

  15. Okay – I’ve looked into The Adventure in Avant-pop and no I no longer want it because I imagined it being something completely different.

  16. The Grant. Gimme!

    Then the Lloyd and McCammon please.

    The Morganfield looks interesting but I get a little narrow-eyed at the whole “first of a trilogy” thing these days.

  17. I got an eARC of Parasite by Mira Grant and absolutely loved it! It’s a whole different story from Feed but it’s still got that same amazing humour that’s Seanan McGuire’s trademark. If you loved the Newsflesh trilogy, I’d highly recommend Parasite. I can’t wait for the next one already!

  18. I’m surprised that I don’t have ‘Treecat Wars’ and haven’t already read it.

    Dragon Ship Lee Miller
    God Tattoo Lloyd Huh, exists a ‘Twilight Reign’ series. Eleven stories from there. Lost me at ‘Twilight.’ (Not really, lost me at shorts from something I’ve never heard of.)
    Night Boat McCammon
    Treecat Wars Weber Lindskold
    Avant-Pop Mielke Not for me.
    Tales of Majipoor Silverberg I tend to not finish Silverberg’s stuff now. Used love it.
    Dead Set Kadrey Oh, yes!
    Dark Duets Golden, Christopher, ed. You never know what you’ll get in a short story collection. For an editor I’ve never heard of? I’ll pass until I’ve read Pullman’s Dark Materials.
    Bone Flower Throne Morganfield Gotta check this one. Checked it. I’ll have forgotten about it before reader reviews are available. – If what’s over at Amazon is a quote from the book I’m out. (page saved as key words Bone Flower Morganfield 9781940581910 filetype mht” so’s I can say Bleah! Thpft! if anyone dislikes my opinion.
    Parasite Grant This sounds good.
    Lego Space Goddard, Reid Whoops, not Reid Goddard. Peter Reid and Tim Goddard. If I had LEGO’s I’d use them as caltrops, or give them to a kid.

    My goodness, so may words to add to spellcheck. “Caltrop” and “Silverberg?” Really, spellcheck?

  19. @cranapia: Don’t feel bad: I saw The Night Boat and immediately started humming the riff from Madness’ “Night Boat to Cairo”…

  20. Silverberg and Lindskold for me.

    (Shawn T–just FYI, what you read at Amazon isn’t a quote from “THE BONE FLOWER THRONE”…it’s a quote sentence, book description, and endorsements all run together at Amazon because the distributor and Amazon can’t seem to get their software to communicate properly!)

  21. Definitely gonna read Kadrey’s Dead Set. The Bone Flower Throne is utterly unknown to me (as is the author), but I’m intrigued by the title, and will have to check it out.

    I’ve found plenty of good reads from your piles o’ books, and appreciate your posting of them!

  22. Silverberg! Reading anything by Silverbeg, particularly anything new, transports me immediately back to high school, where I think I commuted between Majipoor and Hobbiton and The Land for four years.

  23. I’ll probably read Treecat Wars, but given my list right now it’ll probably be a year or so. I hope that he’s gotten over whatever possessed him to try to describe Treecat sign language in enough detail for the reader to become fluent.
    The Mira Grant will get on my list at some point too but man, it’s probably 2 years out now.

  24. So far I’ve loved most everything Kadry’s put out, so I’m thrilled about that one. Parasite has been on my radar too…but the top for me would be Silverberg.

  25. Given that I loaned my paperback copy of The Night Boat out years ago and never got it back, I’d definitely be reading that. I remember that (McCammon’s third book, I believe) as being the first novel where McCammon really came into his own as an author. It’s such a wonderfully cheesy high concept, and he runs like hell with it.

  26. Definitely Treecat Wars. The past two years, Weber’s previous YA Honorverse novels were Christmas presents for my nephew. Want to guess what I’ll be giving him this year?

  27. OOOOOOooo Parasite!!!!
    Loved Dragon Ship hope you do too!
    Treecat Wars looks neat.
    Also I have no idea what it’s about, and don’t recognize the author, but I just love the title of Lego Space.

  28. @Dario who explained about the “Bone Flower” thing? Oh, Good, thank you. And note to self: Intend to plan to reread that thing with that info in my head.

  29. Treecat Wars! I found it on Kindle, but not on Audible, where I have parts 1 and 2. I can’t wait till I can get the audiobook!

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