Daily Archives: October 11, 2013


It was a hashtag that was trending on Twitter this evening. Here are my contributions to it. The Amityville Inconvenience #GentlerHorrorFilms — John Scalzi (@scalzi) October 12, 2013 The Exercyclist #GentlerHorrorFilms — John Scalzi (@scalzi) October 12, 2013 Rosemary's Baby Bjorn #GentlerHorrorFilms — John Scalzi (@scalzi) October 12, 2013 The Rocky Horror Picture Showroom #GentlerHorrorFilms […]

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When Will I Be Turned Upon?

Saw this on Twitter today: I’m taking bets on when the SJWs will turn on Scalzi. Any takers? — Somite (@toxicpath) October 11, 2013 (“SJW” here is shorthand for “Social Justice Warriors,” a term which is new to me but  which is defined over at the Urban Dictionary, where it is not generally considered a […]

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Democrats: Don’t Get Too Excited For 2014

Yes, the GOP is taking a bath in its poll numbers recently thanks to plunging the government into chaos due to a foot-stomping hissy fit. But Nate Silver (i.e., the dude who correctly called the electoral result in all 50 states last year) is on hand to throw cold water on anyone tempted to read […]

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