It was a hashtag that was trending on Twitter this evening. Here are my contributions to it.

28 Comments on “#GentlerHorrorFilms”

  1. The Shinning Mona Lisa Smile
    The Standard
    A Daydream on Elm Street
    The Bling
    9 Months Later
    Mildly Annoyed Dead
    Frankenstein’s Wedding Planner
    The Mommy
    Shaun of the Hung Over

  2. This is probably the funniest post (totally subjective, for many reasons) that I’ve read here in some time. Nicely done, sir, and I thank you.

  3. Tuesday the 14th

    Jennifer’s Body Double


    Mama Mia

    Devil’s Toebones

  4. Reading these a day late and found myself laughing even more when I read today’s ‘Bizzaro’ cartoon. Great job Scalzi.

  5. John, were you familiar with the REAL village of the damned speed traps, New Rome, a 1-mile or so stretch of road on West Broad Street in Columbus? It was finally put out of business several years ago by public outrage.

  6. “The Fall of the House of Beiber”
    “The Tell-Tale Heartlight (Let It Shine Where ver You Go)”

  7. No One Dies

    King Kitten

    Illegal Alien vs. Predation Researcher

    Snakes on a Plain

    @scalzi Attack of the Bacon-covered kittens

    The Birds… begin their yearly migration (David Attenborough voice)

    Eight-Legged Friendly Arachnids that eat mosquitoes and stuff

    Good Vibrations (Tremors?)

    The Excel Excorcist

    28 Kittens Later


    Interview With a Night Owl

    PAWS, involving a Great White Kitten escaped in your pantry

  8. Night of the Living Dead-Lines

    Dawn Dishwashing Liquid of the Dead

    (although that first one is sounding scarier now that I think about it …)

  9. Invasion of the Body Borrowers
    Henry : Portrait of a Cereal Eater
    Cannibal Unpleasantness
    An American Werewolf in London Zoo.

  10. Sixth Sense and Sensibility

    “I see unmarried women. Walking around like regular women.”
    “How often do you see them?”
    “All the time…”

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