Saturday Is For Deep and Meaningful Contemplation Of One’s Toes

Because, like, toes, man.

I’m gonna be busy with this one all day.

See you tomorrow.

23 Comments on “Saturday Is For Deep and Meaningful Contemplation Of One’s Toes”

  1. This little piggy went to market, and studied Mathematical Economics until making a huge profit in that market.

    This little piggy stayed home, and set up video surveillance, robots, and drones to protect the domicile,

    This little piggy had roast beef,and insisted that this was not technically cannibalism,

    This little piggy had none, because the government was partly shut down, and so was furloughed.

    This little piggy went …

    Wee, wee, wee,
    all the way home!

    … and got a million twitter followers after that was a huge hit on iTunes.

  2. Once heard a comedian who spent 5 years in a monastery claim that the only thing he learned there was “Hic Parvus Porcus” (“This Little Piggy” in Latin). Recited it, too.

  3. Wow, I thought it was for contemplating things like people who like some biscuits with their gravy, or grits with their butter. (I swear those biscuits had as much cream gravy as came with both the orders of chicken-fried steak last night.)

  4. Toes, in particular the smallest one, are more important than you might think. Enjoy your contemplation.

  5. Did you share day planners with my two-month-old? Because this is pretty much what she’s been doing all day.

  6. For someone who’s never drunk alcohol or done drugs, you sure do a pretty good impression.

  7. Personally, five minutes ago, I was contemplating someone else’s toes. The someone in question was driving a well-aged white Mercedes station wagon, and in my rear-view mirror I could see the toes of her bare left foot propped up on top of the dashboard.

    I found this mildly disconcerting to contemplate.

  8. Toes for your contemplation: google for the ultrarunner podcast news feed and especially….The Black Toenail Hall of Fame!!!!

  9. My toes and the rest of my legs are black and blue and have been in bed and raised for 12 days after a nasty fall. Be glad if yours feel up to more.

  10. Funny you mention toes. I’ve been trying to ignore them since 10/08. Way too many stitches around both of them for my own good at the moment. But time heals, right? Banking on that coming to fruition in 10 weeks.

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